Monday, November 24, 2014

chilly morn' - EricDress

8:29 PM 6

baby, it's cold outside!
the song i posted above is perfectly explaining today's weather in Jakarta.
not that i hate the rainy season, it's just getting colder than the usual.
i do love the rain. i love the sound it makes. 
and the gloominess feel which swoons my heart away.
despite its goodness, i myself ain't a fan of cold weather. 
yes, i get cold easily & i hate it, simply because i have no one to be embraced with (LOL)

thus, while browsing for nice outerwear to buy, i stumbled on this website, EricDress
what's even better is they currently have this Cyber Monday Sales which exposed a lot of great deals.

here are some of my picks, (would you give me one, perhaps? ;p)

its leather material gives a very luxurious feel for this coat.
fashion forward, indeed!

let's get furry... and warm :)

pretty chic and simple for daily wear, agree?

i LOVE the combination of these two colours!

cape + fur = perfect!

instead of outerwear, EricDress also owns other cool stuffs to look at, such as:

well, i should be able to pass this rainy season finely, right?


Sunday, November 23, 2014

oh dear, sun

10:00 PM 8
watch out for the sun, folks!
well, December is coming and based on Indonesia's inconsistent yet unpredictable season, we're "supposedly" reaching the rainy season. 
sort of.
actually, it's supposed to start earlier.

oh whatever.
i still can feel the heat and the sun's striking just fine every morning. 
well, i shall put on my sunnies, then?

before that, i would love to introduce you my most favourite glasses online shop named POLETTE
Polette is a French brand, released in 2012 French, however, it's finally setting its foot in Jakarta! and shopping its eyewear will be as easy as counting one, two, three.

it's fascinating to actually own a pair of prescription lenses/awesome sunglasses through a click away.
everything gets pretty practical nowadays, huh?

they have serious range of frames which i love so much!
they design prescription and non-prescription glasses as a new essential accessory to shine through our daily outfits. 
and from sober to eccentric designs, i would just steal each one of them if i could :p

they have the best customer service, i guarantee.
pretty affordable too
and, awesome quality!

i firstly thought the frame would be fragile & easy to break, but apparently, i guessed wrong!
not only it's stylish, its material is also pretty promising.

so, what are you waiting for?
grab this amazing deal from Polette asap!
click here to see its direct website :)


Wednesday, November 19, 2014


1:15 AM 2
aku adalah bayangmu.

yang terus berjalan mengikuti jejakmu.

yang kerap mendengar keluh kesahmu.

dan setia menemanimu dalam gelap.

tapi apadaya,
hadirku tak dapat menemani pagimu.

dan ku harus sirna.
agar kau terus bahagia.

selamat tinggal, 
matahari... ku.


ah, terus saja kau bermimpi, tob.
mungkin menjadi pujangga adalah salah satu cita-citaku waktu kecil

sudah cukup, tob.

kembalilah ke realita!
dan jika kau cukup penasaran dengan dress hitam manis yang kupakai di atas,
tengoklah sebentar kemari.

coba klik link abu-abu ini atau kunjungi website berikut.

atau instagram mereka di: @shoponnon

selamat berbelanja, kawan!


well, yes, i'm afraid my international reader will find difficulties reading above post so i'm just gonna spill the fun in english as well :)

if you feel like owning this awesome black dress like mine,
go visit to see their full collection!
or their instagram in @shoponnon

happy shopping, folks!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Urocks UFM Jakarta Fashion Week x WRP Diet

10:16 PM 2
karena ini ulasan mengenai Jakarta Fashion Week, rasanya lebih apik kalau pakai bahasa sendiri ya.
secara it's Jakarta Fashion Week, yang happening di Indonesia, jadi why not? 

kembali gue akan membawa kalian balik ke Urocks UFM JFW yang berkolaborasi dengan Heavenly Blush dan WRP Diet.

dengan balutan pakaian berwarna merah menyala, para model terlihat sangat percaya diri.
potongan pakaian dari Bow - Billy Tjong ini juga membuat lekukan tubuh para model menjadi lebih menonjol. 
sexy, bold & confident! - wanita seperti ini yang dicari bukan?

para model juga terlihat ramping dan seksi pada saat yang bersamaan.
this is gold :3

dan sedikit oleh-oleh dari WRP Diet yang patut saya coba di rumah!

wait, what?
apa sih sebenernya WRP on the go?

susu diet pengganti makan yang praktis & mengenyangkan dimana saja & kapan saja!
aktifitas jalan terus, penampilan tetap terjaga!

kenapa sih harus pilih WRP Diet To Go?

1. mengenyangkan! hanya 200 kalori, girls!
2. mencukupi kebutuhan nutrisi, vitamin & mineral
3. juga high protein untuk pembentukan otot & pembakaran lemak
4. kalsium 500 gram/saji = high calcium - remember my last post, ladies?
5. bahan alaminya yang aman untuk dikonsumsi dan tidak memilik efek samping

dan... WRP Jelly Drink yang gak kalah ngenyangin dan rendah kalori!
sajiannya yang praktis bisa diminum kapan aja dan baik untuk pencernaan :)

beberapa keunggulan yang dapat dinikmati adalah:
1. tinggi serat, baik untuk pencernaan & membuat kenyang lebih lama
2. rendah kalori (hanya 35 kal) 0% lemak
3. mengandung sari buah apel, teh hijau & aloe vera

so, let's get started!
it's as easy as 1, 2, 3

*informasi didapat dari



Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Heavenly Blush for Urocks UFM Jakarta Fashion Week

9:52 PM 1
talking about Jakarta Fashion Week, it's common knowledge that it's one of the hippest events for fashionistas in Indonesia, especially Jakarta.
residing in Senayan City, fashion lovers are entertained with various style shown through fun fashion shows.

feeling excited to watch the first day of JFW 2015, i was too keen to watch 94.7UFM Jakarta -URocks which has loads to offer in one show!

at first, i was mesmerised with the enthusiasm fashion lovers have to attend this show & apparently the collaboration between Heavenly BlushWRP , and Bow by Billy Tjong was indeed amazing.

here's a little sneak peek for ya.

Bow by Billy Tjong
the dresses are inspired from Heavenly Blush's three flavours which are about to be shown below

basic white with a splash of playful colours.
i'm in love!

a great performance by Lala Karmela

yes, a round of applause, please?

moving on to the products of Heavenly Blush; if you feel like having yoghurt to go, this is perfect for ya!

three amazing flavours to indulge your tastebuds!
blackcurrant, peach & strawberry are definitely the top three flavours i would like to consume :9

although the all three flavours were nice, i must say strawberry is still my most fav.
it's not too sweet nor sour & i can tell its sweetness came from its natural ingredient (aka the strawberry itself), which i agree with the saying "less sugar".

with the highlight of hi-calcium, low fat, less sugar & source of fiber.
what more can you ask?

before finishing this post, let me spill you the advantage of consuming high calcium yoghurt for us, active ladies (oh, finally my blog is at least teaching you something smart!)

well, calcium is one of the most important minerals for the human body as it helps to form & maintain healthy teeth & bones. it may as well preventing osteoporosis.
it also helps our body with:
1. building strong bones & teeth
2. clotting blood
3. sending & receiving nerve signals
4. squeezing & relaxing muscles
5. releasing hormones & other chemicals
6. keeping a normal heartbeat

let's be honest with ourselves, have we treated our body fairly?
open up your schedule list & your "diet" menu. are they balanced?

by keeping your calcium at its proper level, you should be doing fine with your hectic schedule.
and Heavenly Blush's Yogurt will be a helpful companion to your daily activities.

click here for more info (Heavenly Blush's official website)
or check out their facebook & twitter - @heavenlyblush



psst, this needs to be posted as well!

me and the bloggers after the show :)