the future

i think i've been lacking some serious talk here.
i feel like pouring all my feelings out into writing, but then, i stop and think...
what should be the right word to describe this?

i feel like i've just lost something really important.
and i want to grab it back, but i just can't.
i must say, this is the first time i feel this kind of worry.
i doubt i'll find this treasure again somewhere.
i'm not sure whether i'll meet something close to perfect like this
i don't want to miss the chance,
but i know i just can't own this one.

so i stop and think again,
a mysterious world i'm living in, what other secret lies underneath?
i'm so curious to know my future and i believe no one's able to tell me other than God
but i just want a guidance to let me know whether i'm making the right choice
whether i'm walking in the right path
or whether i'm heading to the right end

well, all i can say for now is...
i hope whatever the future has for me, is good.

SPORTSGIRL sweater, unbranded jumpsuit, ZARA slipper



Saaarrr.. you're so pretteeyy! hihi. love the jumpsuit <33
Gorgeous & the future will be bright for you doll xx

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