Wednesday, October 29, 2014

VowsLove - where beautiful dresses are crafted

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this one time, my 16 years old cousin came up to me and asked what should she wear for her prom, and i was like... hmmkay, i have no friggin' idea!
the last prom i've ever been to was like around 6 years ago and i really got no clue what's in trend at the moment.
so i stumbled on this website & my cousin should worry no more!

thanks to Vowslove - 2015 prom dresses online new prom dresses are now available for every lady who dreams of having a glamorous prom dress, with beautiful accents and exquisite embellishments. at Vowslove, fashion ladies are able to steal all the show at the party! 
curious to see their collections? here're some of their dresses

isn't it perfect?

disney came true

classy yet elegant!

and these are some more dresses i would definitely recommend to her!

Vowslove strive online to match the same level of personal service and individual care for every bride-to-be everyday (plus the highschoolers who are keen to have a perfect prom!). they provide complete one-stop shopping with the most current selection, the most complete size range (1-petite to 54w, plus custom made), the best prices and the largest variety of styles!

other than that, Vowslove only sell from manufacturers with whom they have accounts and direct personal relationship. they DO NOT use third party sources/buying services, ever. well, how cool is that?
their personal relationships with designers not only save customers' money but also ensure superior communication and service.

so, what's more to ask?
click here to find more about 2015 prom dresses online


Friday, October 24, 2014

vintage feel

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White Shoes & The Couples Company - Kisah Dari Selatan Jakarta

play this song & it'll instantly bring you back to the past :)
with such a vintage feel, this old "ootd-s" of mine shall make a comeback

"got a problem?"


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

coach, be my coach!

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so another day passed, another event was attended, and another post must be made!
here's a lil sneak peek on the launch of Discover Stuart Vevers for COACH at Plaza Indonesia. 
pls excuse my tired face & enjoy the collection!


special appearance by my blogger mate, Steffi Santa

i must say that their latest collection has this youthful feel & really catchy.
although the style seems fresh & young, it still maintains its elegant touch.
good job Stuart Vevers!


Saturday, October 18, 2014

the future

7:31 PM 2
i think i've been lacking some serious talk here.
i feel like pouring all my feelings out into writing, but then, i stop and think...
what should be the right word to describe this?

i feel like i've just lost something really important.
and i want to grab it back, but i just can't.
i must say, this is the first time i feel this kind of worry.
i doubt i'll find this treasure again somewhere.
i'm not sure whether i'll meet something close to perfect like this
i don't want to miss the chance,
but i know i just can't own this one.

so i stop and think again,
a mysterious world i'm living in, what other secret lies underneath?
i'm so curious to know my future and i believe no one's able to tell me other than God
but i just want a guidance to let me know whether i'm making the right choice
whether i'm walking in the right path
or whether i'm heading to the right end

well, all i can say for now is...
i hope whatever the future has for me, is good.

SPORTSGIRL sweater, unbranded jumpsuit, ZARA slipper