maybe, i'm just not one of those girls

the word "love" may sound so cliché.
it may means "well, i like you, but since you asked for more -love- seems like a better expression"
or "i don't know what's the difference between like and love. so be whatever you prefer, hun"

love is a girl's most romantic rhythm that soothes one's feeling
it somehow has this odd magic which can boost a girl's confidence
and love can make her world gone upside down
i don't know why,
but i'm just not one of those girls.

i don't dislike the word "love"
but it annoys me that those four meaningless letters may actually change everything
and i just hate it, whenever people describe love like they can't live without it.

i know, i know
maybe, i say things (or shit) like this because i haven't experienced what-so-called-love.
but i believe in no fairy tale
like, come on, this is reality. the cruel reality.
although if love really does exist, it doesn't just bloom on first accidental sight (or whatever disney would recall)

i'm sorry, maybe it's just my lunatic thoughts.

wore: mom's top & bag, vintage sheer skirt, @zibyfachrozi (on instagram) one piece necklace, bought in tasmania strap colourful heels


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andrea hamdan said…
Cute bag and shoes, kak sar!

You look amazing doll :)) xx
Fahad Scale said…
you look fresh!
cute shoes btw <3

Mr. Rebel in Town
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Love your new haircut sar! Cute outfit as always <3 xx
Mei めい said…
Adore your shoes! and luffy!
I'm also not one of those girls kok, sar ahahaha :p
you look so different with your new hair sar! cantik bangett <333

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