it's our turn

sometimes, i close my eyes
and let whatever happens, happens.
i feel like dying to keep this reality alive
but life ain't easy. is it?

as the light won't heal,
i decided to run away and hide from the truth.
seemingly unstable, i prefer to stay on my safe haven
and keep away the sharp pain.

i chose to avoid any glimmer of light
that slips into my mind
which may reveal my real identity.
i chose to shut my sense
and forget the meaning of caring & sharing.
i chose to follow whatever order was sent
even though i know, it's not the right thing to do.
but this escape, needs to stop.

and, i'm moving on
i start seeing things from the different eye,
the different point of view, the positive side from its negativity.
let's not be despaired
let's not lose from anxiety
but make a stand & decide what needs to happen 
because our inner self said so.
because we are human beings.




Mrs. Aa said…
mau dong tasnya kaka...

visit mine,
Miss Aa

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