where history remains

well, first of all, 
i'd like to apologise for my sudden disappearance.
it's not that i hate writing or whatsoever, but the load of my job caught me away
i've gotten really busy with work, life, and simply everything.
what's more annoying is... my internet went down for a couple weeks already and it's killing me.

i have loads of stories to tell, to be honest.
there're good & bad things happened in once, it confused my sanity.
now i'm settling things down and i hope whatever best happen for the future :)

this woman above is my mom
i guess i've showed a few of her pics in my older posts, may be a lot older.
and i just can't tell how grateful i am to have a mother, a friend, a counsellor, a partner-in-crime, or any other countless functions like her. 
thanks mom for being around. thanks for being my mom. although a lot of regret you've made back then, i still want to thank you for having me.

the setting of today's post doesn't seem familiar, don't you think?
yeah, i took the photos at kota tua
a place where history was born
where memories were made to be remembered
where the untold stories are ready to be revealed
it's a great place to refresh the mind that is full of ... nothing.

see you soon, guys?


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Mrs. Aa said…
aku mau jg deh foto di sana.. blom kesampaian..
yuk kpn qta ootd-an lagii...

visit mine,
Miss Aa
You look super and your Mom is the cutest :)))) Love it xx
anita danako said…
Cute outfit,your mum is amazing,great style!
Follow for follow?
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Your mom is the cutest! Love your outfit sarr! xx

This comment has been removed by the author.
Your mom is beautiful! She must be a very great woman. And yes, as always, I love your style. Suka banget floral blazer-nya. So cute! :):):)

Wah, lihat banyak sampah bikin sedih :( Btw, you and your mum cantik banget :)

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