what do you say?

it's just gonna be a very quick post, i promise.
or not.

my life's been turning upside down since i returned to Indonesia and there' re times (or most of the times) when i started to recall my good life in Melbourne and wanted to return so badly. i feel like typing down all of the reasons why i miss Melbourne, but it will just sadden me.

so, i'll skip it right away.

if you've been following my twitter or instagram (both @sartob) you knew about this already.

thanks once again to TRESemme and Fimela who gave me such an amazing opportunity to speak a bit about Kartini. go have a look, guys ;)



Putri Valentina said…
adsatiesuyou looks beautiful! :D

Things will get brighter doll, just have to hang in there :) xx
Aww, cool! :) Btw, semoga hari-harimu di Indonesia semakin baik, ya :)

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