poor, poor pitiful her

"my hand is shaking, my heart is aching it's really hard to breathe. i don't know what is going on with me"
i embraced her shivering body and whispered, 
"it's alright, honey. you're going to be just fine. just fine, honey".
i realise that she's too young to feel this awkward pain. she barely understands the fight, and yet she needs to bear the misery. "keep calm, honey. keep yourself calm"
i wish i could steal away her pain and let her enjoy a free-spirited youthful.
oh how i wish.

wore: desigual dress, vintage jacket, sportsgirl turban



Love this jacket, so cool :)) xx
Nikki said…
Such a cute look- loving the lovely pattern on the coat and how vintage and retro it looks :) xx

Chic Nikkie
Mrs. Aa said…
kakakkkkk keceee mau tasnya.. :p

visit mine,
Miss Aa
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Suka banget coat nya! Looking amazing as always sar <3 xx

Mitha Komala said…
amazing skirt! looking fab <3

Letters To Juliet
Hi, nice style. I love you coat and you look so cool!Great post :):):)

Firda Amelia said…
I love the short stories you wrote! Buat sendiri kah? :D anyway, gaya vintagemu selalu lucu kak! I love the sling bag<3<3

Unknown said…
The moment I set eyes on your dress, I knew how exactly it is from desigual!

Based on your personal experience I reckon? ;)

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