one week nxminilympic experience

what a great day to finally experience this new camera by Samsung!
known as NX mini, it has tons of great features; including its rotatable LCD (180 degrees) that allows us, narcissistic people to explore more about our own faces *giggles*
this new camera also produces such high resolution pictures for a selfie. so it's really worth the fun.

so let me take you to a one-week-NX-minilympic experience.


after quite an introduction, these pictures will help you to visualise the vibe. 
below are three (out of many more) colours that Samsung NX minilympic has. with a pretty handful size, it does help us (read: girls) who demand high quality pics with the most compact-able size. am i RIGHT? RIGHT?

aight, starting from now on; only photos which are taken by NX minilympic are allowed ;)

some folks who are pretty excited trying the new camera!

so that one day, after a little briefing on what's new on this cool camera, we're then allowed to experience the pleasure ourselves. since the meeting place, Hyde Kemang was unique & full of surprises; i was able to capture its secret.

garden on the wall. genius, isn't it?

"linger on me nowwww"
oh how soothing the melody i heard just from seeing this

loving the vintage tile pattern ;)

after being mesmerised by the details, we are then dared to take WeFie - that refers to WE instead of SELF in selfie. the challenge required us to group up (at least 3 persons in one group) and take as many creative pictures as possible. so here are the results;

yes, it's really packed! meet the crew of Hyde ;)

the barista & bartender wanna-bes. we had tons of fun!

but yeah, i still need my self time - of course

the infamous chocolate soil is on the menu!

the prisoners of narcissism. but, we're very proud :) 

my favourite shot of today's event

well, thanks once again Samsung for letting me join the joy!
follow my instagram @sartob to witness the experience :)



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