infare (a very late post, indeed)

i know this is a very, VERY late post indeed.
but it will be such a waste for not posting 'em
so, pls enjoy ;) (well, i ain't forcing! lol)

let's just peek on the greatness of my blogger fellas' pop up shops, shall we?

Bunga's booth with her vintage gleaming aura ;p

Ines' easily lovable stuffs. not to mention her cute quirkiness!


and her awesome heels!

as well as her fans LOL! (poke Atjil & Ayin)

with the angelic Sari

because being silly is NOT forbidden ;)

Liz's LINF! Choker madness for the 90s kids

Sari's cool handmade accessories. beautifully handcrafted, i must say!

the InStyle-r gank

because we're just human
and love getting crazy!

some ootd shots :)



Unknown said…
Udah mau infare part 3 looh. Tapi better late than neverlah ya haha. Seru seruuu!! Mau dateng juga ah next time :D
Fahad Scale said…
seruu bengeeett!!!
sedih deh waktu infare kemarin aku telat datang jadi kalian sudah pada pulang
hiks hiks
nanti dateng bareng dooonngg :D

Mr. Rebel in Town
This looks amazing doll, love all the styles as well!! Lots of fun :))) xx
selly octavia said…
I love your hat!! So cute..
Aku tak bs jd datang kemaren waktu Infare.. Next Infare yuks ketemu!
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Gif nya lucu banget! Hopefully I can visit infare this time! <3 xx
Unknown said…
lucuu lucu bangeet sih foto2nyaa hihihi <3<3
mualliffachrozi said…
saraaaaaaa...kapan terakhir kali kita menyapa lewat blog, hahahaaaa...
aku baru mulai update lagi nih, doakan ya (apasihhhh,hahhaaaa)...
sukses terus ya sara...:)

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