another day(s) with nxminilympic


on this second day, i was able to explore more about its features,
well o well, enjoy peeps!

still looking pretty although the sun has gone down

no sun, still fun!

this is my first-time trying out its "edit image" feature.
the real pic is the one above. since i felt blue that day, i wanted to add a darker & gloomy side to the picture. how amazing it is when i found this feature that allows me to edit its colour, brightness & saturation in one package!
so it resulted into this image below

and... i tried another one with my own selfie. 

PSSSTTTT, have i told you its greatest feature of this all-time-favourite camera?
its DIRECT LINK feature allows us to send the pics to our smartphone RIGHT AWAY! (aka: no third party/computer is needed)






yes, just by a click away, your favourite pics from NX Minilympic can be sent easily to your smartphone and your existence in instagram will stay/even more awesome (if ya know what i mean) ;)


holiday at the perfect time!
holding NX Minilympic to capture the second the sun's starting to rise while circling the beach is ... the impeccable moment i cant miss.

let me take to you to a short getaway of mine

"when the light is low, all i can think of is you
because in darkness, you shine so brightly and steal my heart away
my soul screams so loud, i wish it'll get to you somehow
in this misery, your shadow leaves me...
and secretly killing me"

chasing pavement.
this candid pic is jst too funny :/

a couple shots of ootd never hurt, right?

one for two

and this selfie will end the day



Unknown said…
this place is so cool, as much as your necklace in the first photo!
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