Thursday, May 29, 2014

another day(s) with nxminilympic


on this second day, i was able to explore more about its features,
well o well, enjoy peeps!

still looking pretty although the sun has gone down

no sun, still fun!

this is my first-time trying out its "edit image" feature.
the real pic is the one above. since i felt blue that day, i wanted to add a darker & gloomy side to the picture. how amazing it is when i found this feature that allows me to edit its colour, brightness & saturation in one package!
so it resulted into this image below

and... i tried another one with my own selfie. 

PSSSTTTT, have i told you its greatest feature of this all-time-favourite camera?
its DIRECT LINK feature allows us to send the pics to our smartphone RIGHT AWAY! (aka: no third party/computer is needed)






yes, just by a click away, your favourite pics from NX Minilympic can be sent easily to your smartphone and your existence in instagram will stay/even more awesome (if ya know what i mean) ;)


holiday at the perfect time!
holding NX Minilympic to capture the second the sun's starting to rise while circling the beach is ... the impeccable moment i cant miss.

let me take to you to a short getaway of mine

"when the light is low, all i can think of is you
because in darkness, you shine so brightly and steal my heart away
my soul screams so loud, i wish it'll get to you somehow
in this misery, your shadow leaves me...
and secretly killing me"

chasing pavement.
this candid pic is jst too funny :/

a couple shots of ootd never hurt, right?

one for two

and this selfie will end the day


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Chiara T. said...

this place is so cool, as much as your necklace in the first photo!
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