that witch next door

i'm watching you...



Vania Aprilia said…
looking super gorgeous in that lace top kak Sarah! :D
i went on the opening day as well! too bad we didn't meet :( and yes it was super hot as the opening day was crowded! Did you shop? I only brought home puyo-s and a tub of skinjunkie scrub, so sad!

Pudding Monster
Unknown said…
I love the that you complete this look wth a wide brimmed hat like "the coven" inspired look!

Lovely top there
Rizuna Swon said…
WAAAW! You look so fresh ya ;D btw, keliatan kurusan ya kamu

take care,
Anonymous said…
kece as alwayssss<33

Mrs. Aa said…
kakak kece jln lg nyokkkkkk...

visit mine,
Miss Aa
I love it, you look wonderful xx
ukash said…
great pics. :)
What a lovely outfit you wore kak Sartob! Enjoying your blog so much, that would be lovely if we could follow each other (I've followed you anyway haha) :') and thank you for the encouraging words on my blog about my scholarship, I very much appreciate that :)

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