life's limitless demand

why is it so hard to catch up with my own breath
seems like this life spins a little bit faster
too many great things to pursue
yet it's so hard to pick what to focus on

i just realised that i have so many demands in this life
but in reality, not a single person can own everything they want
including me

i want to scream to the world and speak out my mind
but there're just too many decisions i need to make beforehand
and when the moment's gone, this mouth muted
while the words linger in this lips wanting to crawl out

also featuring my latest movie, check it out peeps!


let's make a fresh start, shall we?



Mrs. Aa said…
stylish bnget d.. big love to your shoes babe

stay fab,
Miss Aa
You always look so awesome xx
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Keren bgt as always! Love the skirt <3 xx
Ayu Adiras said…
THAT SHOES!!! looks like fruit color. SUPER LOVE!!

kindly check out my blog XOXO
Unknown said…
editaannya kereeen toob !! spatunyaa lucuuu >.<
I said…
keren dear! ngedit fotonya kreatif banget, sukaaa <3
Staysya Dinka said…
Keren banget sih kak♥♥♥
Nina Cat said…
great outfit :) i'm malay actually so I understoof a bit of the video, which i thought was pretty cool!
andrea hamdan said…
classy and vintage kak sarrr <333

Sneak out my OOTD also :

dea :)

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