let's fly free

sometimes i just want to dance and break free
wanting to escape from reality that is slowly killing me

what's "reality", really?
if it's too bitter, should i choose a different "reality"?

if i can touch the globe, then why shouldn't i deal with the real one?
why can't i fly free and feel the world
taste the adventure of what's so called "life"
maybe someday or maybe now?

i'm so up for new challenges that awaits
a new secret of universe that left untold
let me reveal it, one by one!

wore: thrifted long stripey shirt, bow tie & shoes, topman socks, colombia backpack, bandung green outerwear

i'm so ready to go
will you be my companion?

well, speaking of "companion"
prom's season is just around the corner, am i right?
no, i live in the era of prom no more. but i deal with real weddings, formal occasions and some sort (indicating that i'm a mature woman... or more of an old lady, huh?).
for you (read: kids or "teenagers" - HAH i know i sound more like a grandma!) who will be joining the "it" event and have nothing to wear... worry no more!
MILLY BRIDAL provides you variety of gowns you can pick for the night
and to those women who are ready to tie the knot, please do check their website because they offer loads of great wedding uk dresses too!

i love how the dress swings prettily

 for a simpler, neat dress

and i've always loved the vintage feel on a wedding dress :)

so, pick the right clothes, bring a great companion and you'll have a perfect night :)



Mrs. Aa said…
in love with ur backpack & shoes
pengen gw colong d :p

stay fab,
Miss Aa
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Suka bgt sepatu nya! Looking adorable as always Sar :3 xx

Love the look and the words too :) Have a great week xx
Anonymous said…
love your edgy looks!


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