Wednesday, March 26, 2014

life's limitless demand

2:41 PM 9
why is it so hard to catch up with my own breath
seems like this life spins a little bit faster
too many great things to pursue
yet it's so hard to pick what to focus on

i just realised that i have so many demands in this life
but in reality, not a single person can own everything they want
including me

i want to scream to the world and speak out my mind
but there're just too many decisions i need to make beforehand
and when the moment's gone, this mouth muted
while the words linger in this lips wanting to crawl out

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let's make a fresh start, shall we?


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

pinky blue

9:47 PM 6
i know.
i don't feel like talking :(
maybe it's time to let the pictures talk.

clogs from retail therapy

kate spade bag

and the rest are bought in melbourne

psst, anyway a cousin of mine is facing her prom soon, i'm too excited to hear that :)
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classy & simple monochrome look

vintage style

dare to bring colours to the ball?


Saturday, March 15, 2014


8:42 PM 12
don't you think the word "ugh" is the most common expression we use in our daily life?
no? well then, good on ya!
but if you can totally relate what i feel everyday, then let's pause for a moment and think 
"why did i do that?"

why don't we stop complaining & see the world in a positive way?
i bet we'll enjoy every second we spend in this life :)

have a good day, you!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

enjoy life, shall we?

8:59 PM 5
bright colours boost my mood up for some reason
and it's how i treated myself in a sense of fashion & pleasure

i've been wondering why shouldn't i follow the voice in my head
to pursue the dream i've been aiming for
to live the life i wanted
well, everything needs a process and i must say that i dislike this sort of way
must i endure? or should i run and escape?

alright, enough with the mellow #thought of the day, shall we?
despite the complex mind and wasted energy on worries, shouldn't we enjoy life?

so tell me one thing you do to enjoy this life!

holiday. vacation, or a simple getaway? of course!
building great relationship with people, especially your love life? sounds great!
or girls, the easiest thing to do;
isn't it shopping?

YEEEAAAAAAH! i know, let me hear you scream hell yeah!

who wouldn't enjoy shopping?
especially if it's for free! HA! best feeling ever, right?
it's not merely a guilty pleasure; it's a cure to a broken-heart & a friend in boredom
but sometimes, it's too bothersome to get your ass out of the bed to satisfy the shopping needs (i'm not alone in this, yeah?) and it's the greatest feeling ever when you know that everything can be bought with a click away!

thanks to whoever invented internet, then paypal, or whatever online payment method they have; well,i tell you that i'm so grateful! 

ZALORA is a friend i met in this shopping world, maybe it can be yours too?

yes, introducing you ZALORA, the heaven of online-shoppers
where you could find variety of brands from new balance to local brands! it's the biggest online fashion outlet in Indonesia which provides the needs of both men & women out there. 
i need to stop promoting because it's too good to be missed, really.
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happy shopping!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

let's fly free

9:21 PM 5
sometimes i just want to dance and break free
wanting to escape from reality that is slowly killing me

what's "reality", really?
if it's too bitter, should i choose a different "reality"?

if i can touch the globe, then why shouldn't i deal with the real one?
why can't i fly free and feel the world
taste the adventure of what's so called "life"
maybe someday or maybe now?

i'm so up for new challenges that awaits
a new secret of universe that left untold
let me reveal it, one by one!

wore: thrifted long stripey shirt, bow tie & shoes, topman socks, colombia backpack, bandung green outerwear

i'm so ready to go
will you be my companion?

well, speaking of "companion"
prom's season is just around the corner, am i right?
no, i live in the era of prom no more. but i deal with real weddings, formal occasions and some sort (indicating that i'm a mature woman... or more of an old lady, huh?).
for you (read: kids or "teenagers" - HAH i know i sound more like a grandma!) who will be joining the "it" event and have nothing to wear... worry no more!
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i love how the dress swings prettily

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so, pick the right clothes, bring a great companion and you'll have a perfect night :)