walk by faith, not by stress

uncertainty makes me worry
and life is full of uncertainty
so, shall i worry for life?

people do worry for their life once in a while,
or maybe for most of their time
but that only happens if negativity conquers within
i was there standing in that circle where i would just stress over my life, over my problems, even over my happiness (for the thought that it wouldn't last). well basically, over everything. it's a really dark pit that pulls me closer to hell and, without me recognising i fell deeper and deeper.

the dark blinds me
and it's time to escape from what holds me back

this one day, i wake up realising that i've been such a fool
why would i let stress lead my life?
hey, life's too beautiful to be wasted for nonsense
life's too short to be pitied over
life's not about returning back, but walking forward.
what the hell have i been thinking?

"walk by faith, not by stress"
this simple phrase allows me to wake up and seize the opportunity to rise from the darkness
faith that i can be a better person
faith that i can do more great things
faith that God has entrusted His amazing plan upon me
faith IN Him and faith that I CAN DO THIS

let's start from a simple smile and move on
good bye stress, welcome back ... life!

before i end this post, i need to spread this great news to you all
this tee inspires me to face reality in the spirit of positivity
then, why don't you get yourself inspired as well?

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Jackie Harrison said…
Great images you look awesome and it true have faith like your quote very well said. Enjoy your weekend.
So fantastic doll, love the pictures. And it is very true...not worrying, just living. Have faith and live!! xx
Nice pics :)

The Cutielicious

love your edits!

Unknown said…
sooo coooll sartooob :* hihihi
Unknown said…
aww aww walk by faith! :D
anyway, do you use photoshop to edit all of these? its awesome :)

Ajeng Andianti said…
nice pics!
would you mind to follow each other? :)

greetings from Hong Kong :)

Andrea said…
love your outfit!!!

Eline said…
Awesome photo-editing!
Karina Dinda R. said…
I love the tee! You look so cool :)

Don't forget to join Hanake Label Giveaway on my blog, click here. Win the prize with total value IDR 450.000.
Karina Dinda R. ♥
Delilah D said…
very cool shirt :)

Unknown said…
love your photos!

Novarinna Tan said…
Love the tee <3
Lucu banget editan fotonya sar hihihi

Chic Swank
Dear Kak Sarah, you look absolutely cool with that shout-out top! I love how you pair everything and still nail it in an unpredictably stylish way! This is so recommended for day-outs.



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