love and lust

love and lust are two different things.
and how fool i am for not noticing that.

lust has the smell of lies and temporary
it may look pretty at start, but i just realised that it ain't last.
love, in the other hand, is eternal
through learning and understanding, relationship feels like a precious treasure
fights and cries are worth the happiness we will gain in the end.

to be honest, i'm not a fan of reality's love
it doesn't look as pretty as what the fairy tale told us when we were kids
and until now, i've never experienced the goodness in relationship
nor have i witnessed it in my daily life

but as time passed by, it comes to my attention that the world doesn't only offer us the "love" in relationship
but also in friendship & family which are often neglected

gosh, how pitiful isn't it?

sometimes, we (or let's refer to i) forget the real meaning of love
care and attention i received from my friends and family are often taken for granted
and there i was complaining for the tough life i've been facing
how ungrateful, huh?

on top of that, the most important love i've received was simply ignored for the reason...
"oh, it's nothing special. everyone must have felt the same"
well yeah, God's love seems like a very ordinary "thing" for me
while in fact, it must truly a blessing that i could have the chance to experience His amazing love

today, valentine's day allows me to sit back, reflect, and respect the love that has showered greatly upon me. and i need to especially, give thanks to God for this.

happy valentine's to you and have a great day, fellas :)

cotton on tights, michael kors strappy wedges

zara outerwear, jusy cosmic top & skirt
don't you just love the pairing top & skirt? got them from JUSY.CO
click here to get yours! :p

AND... favourite picks from JUSY - valentine edition

Crystal Studded Party Dress 

totally in love with its candy toned crystal studs in the front!
Off Duty Foral Print Top 

Off Duty Floral Print Top

yeah! i'm off duty to work, on duty to be in love, babe!
it really suits the type who wants to spend valentine casually (no excess dress-up or whatsoever), while the floral theme does help to bring the "in love" feeling too!

and lastly,
Anna Coco Red Velvet Layered Dress

Anna Coco Red Velvet Layered Dress

feeling French? there you go, madam!


 au revoir!


Jackie Harrison said…
I agree sometimes we take love for granted and forget the ones that love her from the beginning family very well written. You look fabulous. Enjoy your VD and weekend.
Karina Dinda R. said…
I love your writing here. And those wedges stole my heart, nice outfit dear! :)
I like your blog ;) kisses dear !
Lucia Berta said…
floral print top is my fav from Jusy, love your blog :)
I agree, love and lust are two different things and you must treat the ones you love best and not take them for granted. You look wonderful doll. I hope you do join in the giveaway, the ring is mega cool, I have one myself and I love it!! Good luck to you Xxx
Putri Valentina said…
suka sama print dress nya >.<

Putri Valentina said…
suka sama print dress nya >.<

Juliet Polilova said…
love your dress!
very nice blog by the way :)

kisses from Russia,
I totally loving this outfit!
nice post :)

maybe we can follow each other on GFC if you want?
Let me know and I fallow you back immediately :)

Kisses ;*
Lexie said…
Omg love this, the Micheal Kors Wedges are perf! xx
Unknown said…
Such a cool dress!! I like it! Nice wedges too

Bernadette Czle said…
love the top and skirt! kece! xx
sofia said…
beautiful dress!
Effortlesslady said…
Lovely combination,thanks for the visit.
Restya Mahara said…
wow I really love that top and skirt!
btw also love that off duty sweater. I'd love to get one of them but do I have to buy them with a credit card? Because I didn't have any of them :">

Ah, thank you for visiting my blog though!

keep spread the love,
Restya Mahara

A Lone Cat Journey
Anonymous said…
sarrrrr.. km unik sekali, lucu banget :)
and aku baru denger suara km di post sebelumnya ,suaranya jg imut imut bener hehe. hope someday we can meet ya.. xx
Livia Pangdoko said…
love your dress, sal!!
happy vals day (telat abis)hihi

Anita said…
this is a perfect post!
MITCH said…
cool outfit and necklace

Btw, I'm holding my first giveaway, come join it at OhDearBumblebees' Giveaway~*

Sakuranko said…
Oh very cute outfit!
comment to me back to keep in touch!
Anita said…
lovely blog :)
Anita said…
lovely blog :)
Unknown said…
love your printed dress! ❤
Unknown said…
anywayyy, followed you kak sartob! :D
era said…
Nice picture.......

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