ice cold

if you happened to realise that i've been gone for a while;
well, you're definitely right!

it's not something i'm proud of, really. but, it's sorta... undeniable.
well, to tell you the truth, i had quite terrible days these past few weeks
and i just don't feel like sharing, so i kept my door shut and you know, 
escaped from reality (for a while).

let's keep it cool & move on, maybe?

who knows that making silly poses do help boosting up your mood?

alright, let's get over it & start the partaaaay!

or pretend like nothing happened & stay cool?

L.I.N.F (look im not a fluke) choker by Liz

"yes bitch, i'm talking to you"

wore: ZARA jumpsuit, FOREVER NEW belt, VINTAGE shoes, L.I.N.F chocker, HONGKONG earring & COTTON ON sunnies

cheers ... and peace out!



Jackie Harrison said…
Great outfit you look very pretty.
Mrs. Aa said…
mau colong sepatunya ah

stay fab,
Miss Aa
Unknown said…
sartoob lucuu bangett siihhh !! silly cute >.< love your jumpsuit !
Unknown said…
I really like your jumpsuit! I thought it was a matching top and pants! <3

I like that you enjoy vintage items. I believe I will enjoy more of your posts!
Following you and looking forward to your feed

Keep in touch
You look fantastic doll, hope all gets better xx
lucu jumpsuitnya toob! hihi
and you rock that shoes as well :p

xoxo, Jessica
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Love this look so muuuuch Sarrr! The plaid jumpsuit <3 <3 x
love your jumpsuit!

Unknown said…
I love your blog

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