Friday, February 21, 2014

walk by faith, not by stress

5:32 PM 15
uncertainty makes me worry
and life is full of uncertainty
so, shall i worry for life?

people do worry for their life once in a while,
or maybe for most of their time
but that only happens if negativity conquers within
i was there standing in that circle where i would just stress over my life, over my problems, even over my happiness (for the thought that it wouldn't last). well basically, over everything. it's a really dark pit that pulls me closer to hell and, without me recognising i fell deeper and deeper.

the dark blinds me
and it's time to escape from what holds me back

this one day, i wake up realising that i've been such a fool
why would i let stress lead my life?
hey, life's too beautiful to be wasted for nonsense
life's too short to be pitied over
life's not about returning back, but walking forward.
what the hell have i been thinking?

"walk by faith, not by stress"
this simple phrase allows me to wake up and seize the opportunity to rise from the darkness
faith that i can be a better person
faith that i can do more great things
faith that God has entrusted His amazing plan upon me
faith IN Him and faith that I CAN DO THIS

let's start from a simple smile and move on
good bye stress, welcome back ... life!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

love and lust

4:56 PM 27
love and lust are two different things.
and how fool i am for not noticing that.

lust has the smell of lies and temporary
it may look pretty at start, but i just realised that it ain't last.
love, in the other hand, is eternal
through learning and understanding, relationship feels like a precious treasure
fights and cries are worth the happiness we will gain in the end.

to be honest, i'm not a fan of reality's love
it doesn't look as pretty as what the fairy tale told us when we were kids
and until now, i've never experienced the goodness in relationship
nor have i witnessed it in my daily life

but as time passed by, it comes to my attention that the world doesn't only offer us the "love" in relationship
but also in friendship & family which are often neglected

gosh, how pitiful isn't it?

sometimes, we (or let's refer to i) forget the real meaning of love
care and attention i received from my friends and family are often taken for granted
and there i was complaining for the tough life i've been facing
how ungrateful, huh?

on top of that, the most important love i've received was simply ignored for the reason...
"oh, it's nothing special. everyone must have felt the same"
well yeah, God's love seems like a very ordinary "thing" for me
while in fact, it must truly a blessing that i could have the chance to experience His amazing love

today, valentine's day allows me to sit back, reflect, and respect the love that has showered greatly upon me. and i need to especially, give thanks to God for this.

happy valentine's to you and have a great day, fellas :)

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 au revoir!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

let's swing

9:04 PM 3
when the mood is right to write 
and it swings your mind to peacefulness
this happened.

yes, indonesian only
sorry fellas!

pagi ini aku duduk terdiam
menatap langit kelabu yang enggan tersenyum
sedikitpun tidak tampak dari penglihatanku
seberkas cahaya mentari menyapa

hai kamu,
apakah kamu merasakannya juga?
udara dingin yang menusuk tulang,
tak hentinya menanamkan rasa pilu
pagi yang muram bukan?

pekat rasanya nafas yang kuhembuskan perlahan
seakan menyembunyikan sebuah bongkahan besar
yang sulit dilepas, namun sungguh berat untuk disimpan
rasa ini sekelam jiwaku yang baru saja kau hempas
kemarin senja...

kiranya kisah kita berujung disini
dapatkah kulihat lagi senyum simpul yang tersirat di wajahmu?
atau candamu yang tak henti menggelitik tawaku
dan haruskah kuberpisah
dengan hangat pelukanmu yang melekat di alam mimpiku?

pagi ini ku menatap awan yang tak biasanya menangis
embun menetes manja dari dedaunan
seakan ia tak mau berpisah...
dan sapaku pada sang surya
tak juga kelak membangunkannya dari tidur,
seperti batinku yang tak ingin sadar
akan kenyataan pahit yang sulit kupahami

kisah ini akan berhenti disini

selamat tinggal

aaaand speaking of "swing"
let's dance with me for a bit?

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

ice cold

10:19 PM 9
if you happened to realise that i've been gone for a while;
well, you're definitely right!

it's not something i'm proud of, really. but, it's sorta... undeniable.
well, to tell you the truth, i had quite terrible days these past few weeks
and i just don't feel like sharing, so i kept my door shut and you know, 
escaped from reality (for a while).

let's keep it cool & move on, maybe?

who knows that making silly poses do help boosting up your mood?

alright, let's get over it & start the partaaaay!

or pretend like nothing happened & stay cool?

L.I.N.F (look im not a fluke) choker by Liz

"yes bitch, i'm talking to you"

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cheers ... and peace out!