Friday, January 10, 2014

be creative in ICW

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creative is the word i'd love to hear whenever someone is describing me.
it is indeed a talent, a skill, something that is not created to be ignored.
the world expects a lot from one's creativity, especially if two or more are combined - this universe becomes a beautiful place.

this one great event more or less reminds me of freedom
freedom to express oneself, freedom to create things, freedom to show one's talent, and 
freedom is what this creative event offers to the world.

Indonesia Creative Week 2013 Fall/Winter, held in Grand Indonesia, exhibited 4 days fashion show combined with workshops, bazaar, talkshow, and many more. unfortunately, i could only visit one of the shows and it seemed promising. well, there maybe a bit of technical things they should correct (like model positioning and coordination with designers - at the fashion show) but, it's worth a watch.

here are some of my snapshots taken from Amalia's camera ;)

and my narcissistic moves;

and with my great companion;


Thursday, January 9, 2014

ootd indo

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who doesn't have instagram at this era?
well, if you have one and you follow @ootdindo, you must be aware of this greatest, coolest, hits instagram event in 2013 (maybe i just exaggerated)
but, it was truly an amazing experience to join ootdindo's event where i met lots of great fashion people (who are mostly fashion bloggers) from all sides of Jakarta
and of course, i managed to sneak in a little bit of (oh no, there're LOADS, like HEAPS, or whatever synonym you want to use) "ootd" pictures.