this christmas

i'm just too excited for this Christmas!

it may look like just another celebration of the year, but remembering that this ain't just "another" holiday as we Christians are going to celebrate Jesus' birthday; we are then to be reminded that He was born to save us. thus, Christmas is never dull or lame.

well, i didn't celebrate Christmas in Indonesia last year where i lost the usual warm gathering. but since i am here now, it may get more exciting than the previous year ;) 

still warming up for the most awaited birthday of the year, i had this Christmas-y colours on my current outfit. green & red are the trademark colours of Christmas and  i just automatically dressed up with the flow, lol.

tiny details ;)

shoes - Indonesian brand (forgot what's the name, ugh. i bought it in Kemang)

my favourite turban i bought in Sportsgirl, Melbourne. that was when i had a really bad hair day & it came on discount, such a luck!

Cambridge Satchel bag, special edition from Asos; my sweet(est)heart!

random accessories which includes; yoda ring from Greedysasssy, yellow neon ring from Diva, & dont bother the mistletoe ornament on my wrist. it's not a bangle - fyi!

a special sponsor favourite from Romwe, fur necklace ftw!

are you excited for Christmas too?



You look grand doll, love the look. And yes, Christmas is wonderful and I'm very excited, a great time for all to celebrate the birth of Jesus :) I hope you have a great week ahead x

The Dainty Dolls House
Jenniya said…
Dear I love the skirt! :)

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Irene said…
I love how the first photo is sparkling, so cool! You're right about how the true meaning of Christmas is about Jesus' birth. Love your outfit, dear! Your shoes are very cute! ♡ :-)
you look great in red, tumben less pattern sar biasanya kan colorful. :D
Natalan tahun ini gue sedih karena liburnya pendek banget.. hahaha
Delilah D said…
hell yeah everybody's excited for christmas, you look absolutely fabulous♥
Anonymous said…
Lovely! Love your outfit
our xmas tree looks wonderful <3

sweet and sugars,
Ellyzabeth said…
kaa sartob always love your look, eksentrik bangettt! i also can't wait for xmas :')
Mrs. Aa said…
animasinya umyuuuu bnget dah
love love

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

stay fab,
Miss Aa
Unknown said…
toob ihh jago editnyaa ihhh hehehe
youu look pretty adult in that lips color, kereeen <3 <3
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Always loving your fun look sar! Red and green is so festive <3 xx
nice outfit. suka banget turbannya. natal makin dekat. yaiy! :)
KC said…
Love the boho vibe of this outfit :)

Kisses ♥
Rizuna Swon said…
Your lips color is soooo dope!! Must try one day :D Kece kece keceeee

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