sister bonding

sometimes, it doesn't take the same blood to be siblings
meet my sister from another mother (including; another hometown) whom i met through social media
and she's been staying with me for around two weeks now. 

well, i'm glad that she found a job that suits her passion now
and i must be happy for myself as i finally found a permanent job.

but still, farewell isn't fun yes?
it's so heartbreaking to say that i'm now officially out from InStyle Magazine.
despite all the fun & laugh & ootd-s i had here, i need to move on; to where i think i should be at.
well, now isn't really the right time to talk about it, i'm still in the state of ... misery lol.

well, talking about sisters, i've been wanting to have one for ages.
knowing the fact that i'm the only child & won't be able to have sibling for certain reasons, i grew up feeling (sometimes, or uh - most of the times) lonely.
it's always fun to have people around, really, especially since i left melbourne; it gets lonelier.

wore: dotti sweater, unbranded stripey pants, kate spade tartan bag, wittner heels, melbourne-made necklace & earrings

guess what!
our similar-themed outfit of the day was purely a coincidence.
we do have a quite similar taste in fashion, but she gets a bit more preppy vintage while i'm more into colours & art and this opportunity was somehow rare to see our red, black & white stands out & speaks for our similarities. funny as!



Jackie Harrison said…
Awesome pants you guys look pretty love the handbags Keep in touch doll.
You two look gorgeous, so sweet xx
Yulia Rahmawati said…
good luck for both of you :)
Mrs. Aa said…
lo sama akyu kapannn?

stay fab,
Miss Aa
Anonymous said…
you guys are so cool <3
Unknown said…
inaaang (bener gak sih anak cewe medan dipanggilnya inang ?) hahahaha :p
kalian berdua cute bingiit siih >.<
Ariyani Sukma said…
aaagh agh agh gemees.. congrats sar and stef for your new job! btw, kata orang kerja kayak jodoh.. dan Tuhan pasti memberikan yang terbaik.. meet you soon sar! <3
Nina Cat said…
you two look so adorable and a really cool set of 'sisters' :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Kalian lucu bgt sihhh <3 Love both of your outfits! xx
dude this outfits are awesome!!

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