media exposure! ay!

find the article here

find the article here

being featured in an online media is great, but for twice in a row is truly an honour
thanks a lot Fimela Girl - or Tasya Simatupang; what i'd rather call Tassim, for the opportunity.
it's definitely a great exposure after quite a long absent in blogging world (referring to my active presence back in 2011 and sudden disappearance due to my hectic schedule in Melbourne)

other than that, i would also cross my fingers & send my biggest prayer for the competition my friends & i just joined. it's a short movie competition and my very first contest in this area. this is way too exciting!
i don't really put my hopes too high though. it's my second amateur project & have so many flaws here and there. well, at least the crew did their (our) best and it satisfied us just enough. but still, wish us luck?
oh, here's the trailer of our movie which called Hidden Agenda; please take a look!

anddddddd... a very late outfit post with Ozi. better late than never, right?

this is what happened when i was so ready to sleep, but forced to go out of the house because of urgent matters.
plus, i was sick! so pls excuse my face, thanks - i know, i know.



Unknown said…
Congratulations and I wish you all the best for your competition!

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Jackie Harrison said…
Congratulation sweetie they see talent and you got it.
Rebecca said…
Congrats on your feature! Good luck with the competition!

Vania Aprilia said…
congrats for the media exposure! Such a great feature! :D and you met Ozi already?! I've been following him for ages! OMG

Pudding Monster
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Suka bgt rok nya <3 Congrats on the feature sar! Good luck with the competition :*
You look adorable doll and big congrats on your features too :))) x

The Dainty Dolls House
Staysya Dinka said…
Congratulations for the feature! U have a cool & unique style :D♥
Irene said…
You are amazing! Congratulations for being featured! And I wish you all the best on the competition! ♡ :-)
Woootss, makin hitsss yaa si eda ini! Anyway, aku suka roknya. Lucuu! Tetap semangat di pekerjaanmu yg baru!~ >_<
Anonymous said…
congratulations!! and good luck!
congrats on getting the recognition you deserve! lucky girl :)
this is awesome! u are cool girl dear :)
Linda Natawiria said…
congratulations! love your look<3

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