last day in InStyle

it was a very heart-breaking moment.

it wasn't long enough since i joined the crew. day by day, i get closer to every one of them and being treated like a family.
it was sweet, spending precious moments with them; in my special seat doing only the fun things.
it was funny, listening to them talking about gossips; or maybe personal experiences that brighten up my days.
it was educational to learn a lot of new stuffs, including 18+ things - referring to Opa & kak Tina; but, all of them talked similarly. HAHAHAHA
it was cute to dress-up in fancy clothes and get to take ootd picture with my most favourite photographer, kak Gita Kyo :p
it was exciting to attend product launching, exclusive dinner with the other editors, and experienced a whole new world as a beauty reporter.

and, it was crazy as they offer me a comfort zone and i rejected it. still, i wish i could spend more time in InStyle; but my destiny showed me another path of life. oh dear.

i don't feel like crying now so i'll keep it real short. 
thanks a lot InStyle for having me. thanks for the good times we spent. thanks for every laughs i had. thanks for the teases that made me blush. thanks for every support you gave me (as both a new learner in beauty industry & fashion blogger hihi). thank you, really.

it's photo timeeeee!
(farewell) potluck brunch with mates;

foooooooooood :9

getting all the phones out!

starving-looking people ;)

my family (minus Bubu!)

dress code of the day - printed pants!

bullying! lol!

with mas Alvin, head of fashion

with Kaina, feature reporter

and my Opa
or the most HITS/eksis/kece head of beauty

um no, no it wasn't Opa's lipstick on my cheek lol.

looking forward to meet you guys soon!



Jenniya said…
you guys looked all stylish! :)

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Unknown said…
aaaaa :') jadi kangeeenn hihihi
mas alviiinn >.<
Mrs. Aa said…
must be a great moment <3

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

stay fab,
Miss Aa
You all look so sweet!! Wonderful xx
Unknown said…
great all look awesome
wanna follow each other via gfc and bloglovin
ChristelPaola said…
Looks like you had a great team! everyone's outfits look great :)
Ellyzabeth said…
aaaah sedih bgt but you guys areee soo stylish and kalian look so kompak together!
Ariyani Sukma said…
HWAAA iya nih akhirnya ketemuuuuu~ kan aku mau curhad curhadaaann.. makannya kita ngedate lah sepulang lu dari kantor kan deket ma rumski akyuuuuh..
selamat menempuh hidup baru neng!!! mangaaaat
Karina Dinda R. said…
You guys look so stylish! Yummy food :)

Karina Dinda R. ♥
Putri Valentina said…
cute hat and sate nya itu! enak kaliatannya :D

btw g emang baru 19 nih hihi >.<

Rizuna Swon said…
Hahahh :D ikutan ngakak waktu baca "it was educational to learn a lot of new stuffs, including 18+ things - referring to Opa & kak Tina; but, all of them talked similarly. HAHAHAHA"
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that's really sweet and really awesome to be able to work with such amazing crew!
what an experience eh? ;))
you all look so fab btw!
Sabrina M said…
aaaw seru banget ya bu yaaa.. btw ko you resign udah dapet kerjaan neng di tempat lain? hehe

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