holiday vibe

holiday season is JUST around the corner & i'm so excited for my new adventure that just started.
it might sound a bit shocking, but i moved out from my old workplace; InStyle Magazine - to which you realise how in love i am with that place. regardless the fun & craziness i had there, being a freelance kid won't work for me in the longer term. that is why i need to find a permanent position (and if possible, must be around my major of expertise - business) and here i am now with Fujitec Indonesia; keen to make it the most well-known elevator, escalator & travelator company in Indonesia. lol. dedicated, much?

despite the good things i gain from working, i just basically lost my HOLLY-DAYS. i can't spend this december chillin' like a boss nor sleeping like there's no tomorrow. but, this is the real stage of life; to move on. HA HA HA

although i can't have my holiday rituals back, i can still heat up the Christmas vibe through costume-photoshoot! Christmas spirit is within me! yayyy!
i'm just too excited as i haven't done this sort of photoshoot & editing for AGES. 
let's dress up & follow my lead, fellas!

wore: Michael Kors white heels, vintage Christmas outerwear, unbranded stripey pants

speaking of holiday season, i usually buy a new typical dress for Christmas celebration
but not this year!
NO MORE cute dress, SAY YES to edgy fashion - lol - getting my freak on

well, if you have no place to shop (or time to shop like i am *cry cry*) let's try this out!
latest fashion at the lowest price online, ever!
who would resist that? offers more than 200.000 designer style clothes at 70-90% below retail store prices! yuuuum :9
other than clothing, they also offer, shoes, bags, jewelry, accessories for women, men & also juniors. featuring incredibly; again: INCREDIBLY cheap clothes with highest quality & standards, they ship worldwide as an international online retail store
"cheap is what we charge, choice is what we offer, value is what you get" - WORD!

you can just simply click here OR copy paste this link -> to browse their website
or visit them here 

see you in next post!

twitter / instagram: @sartob


Jackie Harrison said…
This is so festive and you look adorable and cute.
You look precious, love these pictures and I like your views to an edgy look too ;))) You can do it!! xx
shine star said…
Nice post!
I really love the pictures! I'm follower!
KC said…
The feeling that you need to go to work during holidays, ugh.. I feel you there. Anyways, Cool photos. <3

I'd love to stay connected. Following you now, follow back? :)

Kisses ♥
Unknown said…
Love how you edit the photoss hahaha so cute
Unknown said…
Hi Sara! Thank you so much for your comment in my blog!!
The Santa's hat pictures are priceless! I added you to google + to keep in touch, and If you wanna follow each other let me know! It will be my pleasure!!
Unknown said…
These photos are just so fun and festive!
Unknown said…
gemesiiinnn banget siihh, love yout sweater toob !!
anyway, thanks for the 101 bataknese course, muahahahahaha lol
Danny Suyandi said…
that sweater, so lovely!
and you look so funny :D
Anonymous said…
great post! and you look so pretty!
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
You are so adorable sarrr <3 Gak sabaran deh Christmas omgggg!

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