aigner's debut & crystal christmas

fyi, this is a throwback post. 
i realise that i didn't write as frequent as the past few months. i'm sorry for that.
i'm feeling guilty (even to myself) but it's been heck of a month.
busy, tired, laugh, crazy, excited, drama & all those ups and downs have been circling my life on December.
i don't know what kind of surprise does new year's eve hold for me, but one thing for sure;
i can't wait for 2014!

anyway, on this one particular day, i had two events to attend to. 
first was Aigner's new fragrance launching.
i wasn't a fan of Aigner's perfume to be honest. 
it smells so mature & lady-like, it doesn't define me at all.
but, their latest product is easier to bear with. 
it feels lighter & acceptable for my kind of personality.

soft pink is their new "it" colour as it shows how sweet and affectionate this fragrance can be

excuse my tired face. it was not a fine day.

then i moved to Pacific Place to the launch of Crystal Christmas. 
it is a sort-of Christmas celebration with swarovski everywhere (like literally).
with a very beautiful white decoration & models hanging around; i felt like i was a newborn princess ha-ha

"snow" falling. pretty, isn't it?

with my company of the night - Hendy <3 br="">



great reportage... you look super cute!
Eline said…
Looks like fun!
I am glad you had fun in the event! you look fab as always :)
You looked amazing doll!! What a fun time!! i hope the new year is even happier and fun for you!! xx

The Dainty Dolls House
Linda Natawiria said…
looks amazing!<3
Unknown said…
This looks like a wonderful event and time. I adore the different dresses.

Unknown said…
I just met your blog and is so pretty. I invite you to visit my blog and if you want follow me on blogger! Kisses :)
Delilah D said…
amazing ;) Happy new year sara!!

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