Tuesday, December 31, 2013

nye 2013-2014

9:30 PM 9
new year's eveeeeee
what have you done so far?
what have you achieved, what have you gained, what have you learned
or what have you lost, what's your regret?


so, what are you doing new year's eve? 


wore:  vintage denim dungaree, romwe kitten crop top, everbest flat shoes, zara purple bag, forever new orange belt, hnm leopard cap


2013 is reaching its end. 
let's stop, sit back & reflect on the things that happened along the year. what's the good we should cherish & what's the bad we ought correct. all in all, each decision we made, every challenge we experienced & all of these life-lessons have built what and who we are today. give thanks to God for the time, chance, and blessings we have received. let's rewrite a fresh new series of our life in 2014.
farewell 2013 and welcome 2014!



Monday, December 30, 2013

aigner's debut & crystal christmas

10:13 AM 9
fyi, this is a throwback post. 
i realise that i didn't write as frequent as the past few months. i'm sorry for that.
i'm feeling guilty (even to myself) but it's been heck of a month.
busy, tired, laugh, crazy, excited, drama & all those ups and downs have been circling my life on December.
i don't know what kind of surprise does new year's eve hold for me, but one thing for sure;
i can't wait for 2014!

anyway, on this one particular day, i had two events to attend to. 
first was Aigner's new fragrance launching.
i wasn't a fan of Aigner's perfume to be honest. 
it smells so mature & lady-like, it doesn't define me at all.
but, their latest product is easier to bear with. 
it feels lighter & acceptable for my kind of personality.

soft pink is their new "it" colour as it shows how sweet and affectionate this fragrance can be

excuse my tired face. it was not a fine day.

then i moved to Pacific Place to the launch of Crystal Christmas. 
it is a sort-of Christmas celebration with swarovski everywhere (like literally).
with a very beautiful white decoration & models hanging around; i felt like i was a newborn princess ha-ha

"snow" falling. pretty, isn't it?

with my company of the night - Hendy <3 br="">


Friday, December 27, 2013

bloggers satur-date

11:43 AM 26
being a blogger has a lot of benefits; including gaining new friends with the same interest in fashion. i found it particularly amazing when people who talk through the internet - merely through a cable & one handful gadget, are able to talk and share a lot of things together. and it's cooler to see that these people can be friends in reality. yes, this is me included.

i met a lot of fun characteristics and awesome creativity from these people. we might have the same amount of love in fashion, but each one of us has a different taste and completely distinguishable set of style. that what makes each one of us unique, stand out among the crowd & dare to be different.

i forgot to mention that everyone CAN be a blogger, but not all can be a GOOD ONE. bloggers need to write, and it is indeed a skill. we need to take pictures that will inspire (or at least looks entertaining) to other people, so that will be an extra skill to own. blog isn't just a media to post and be popular. it's about the quality, the real talk, the style that influences, and everything else that won't make a blogger JUST a blogger.

anyhowwwww, here are some of our pictures that will explain how our satur-date went;

when the wind strikes & ruins our beloved asset - this happens (a lot) ;p

 gossiping is one of the highlights of our meetup. well, girls will always be girls.

"strike a pose, will you?"

and some of the ootd! (check them out on their instagram!)

ms. @atjilaynna 

ms. @lizelisabeth

ms. @lulut_m

and moi!
ms. @sartob

 wore: ROMWE kitty crop top, ZARA sheer black pants, ID'S (bought in Melbourne) crop floral vest, bought in COLOMBIA backpack, DIY lego ring & WITTNER (bought in Melbourne) shoes

cheers brawh!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

last day in InStyle

11:00 AM 17
it was a very heart-breaking moment.

it wasn't long enough since i joined the crew. day by day, i get closer to every one of them and being treated like a family.
it was sweet, spending precious moments with them; in my special seat doing only the fun things.
it was funny, listening to them talking about gossips; or maybe personal experiences that brighten up my days.
it was educational to learn a lot of new stuffs, including 18+ things - referring to Opa & kak Tina; but, all of them talked similarly. HAHAHAHA
it was cute to dress-up in fancy clothes and get to take ootd picture with my most favourite photographer, kak Gita Kyo :p
it was exciting to attend product launching, exclusive dinner with the other editors, and experienced a whole new world as a beauty reporter.

and, it was crazy as they offer me a comfort zone and i rejected it. still, i wish i could spend more time in InStyle; but my destiny showed me another path of life. oh dear.

i don't feel like crying now so i'll keep it real short. 
thanks a lot InStyle for having me. thanks for the good times we spent. thanks for every laughs i had. thanks for the teases that made me blush. thanks for every support you gave me (as both a new learner in beauty industry & fashion blogger hihi). thank you, really.

it's photo timeeeee!
(farewell) potluck brunch with mates;

foooooooooood :9

getting all the phones out!

starving-looking people ;)

my family (minus Bubu!)

dress code of the day - printed pants!

bullying! lol!

with mas Alvin, head of fashion

with Kaina, feature reporter

and my Opa
or the most HITS/eksis/kece head of beauty

um no, no it wasn't Opa's lipstick on my cheek lol.

looking forward to meet you guys soon!