urgently needed: a getaway!

thoughts of the day:

i'm sick of writing gloomy post!
but what can i do? i'm not in the right state of mind. it's too tiresome & i've been trying to escape from this annoying feeling; which is too suffering. i'm not the type of person who can speaks her sadness/sorrow/ anything negative easily. i'm a very delicate (ha!) & sensitive bitch and i do cry sometimes but hate showing it off. i don't have anyone that i feel comfortable sharing my burden with including my family & friends in Indonesia. i feel like i've told them enough, i should carry the rest alone. writing is the only remedy i can have. i feel much better writing than talking to a stranger, but it would feel much better if i could talk to the right person who can support me with love & care - and i left that in Melbourne.

despite all of the dramas, i personally need a getaway. a real holiday where i could enjoy myself, nature, and the good, positive things in this world. i need to feel the sun ray beams my tanned skin, hear the sound of birds chirping while tingling the ocean's wave & see the creation of God that will amuse my eyes & flutters my heart. i need this universe. and yes, this is my first time longing for a real me-time-holiday other than hanging out with friends. i would like to use this kind of time to love the world. 
can't i? or am i being too dramatic?

oh well,
let's just skip that and get busy with the pictures i'm about to show:

a few days ago (well, i guees it was halloween night), i attended Monstore's Kokayne box show at Monstore Bar #01: John Doe.
i personally love the collections as i've always been a fan of simple talking tee (it's just that i don't really wear them often) and they're pretty much eye-catchy for a quite ordinary-cutting top. 
the theme itself "Kokayne" basically sums up the concept of their latest collection, summarising all of adolescents' addictions into clothing - doesn't it sound like ffff-u-uuu-un?

as it was a halloween night & i was alone (read: PATHETIC, PITFUL, SAD ha ha ha), the atmosphere gave me a creep. especially because of the low-lighting & the decor, it's just um, different. 
however, i must say it's a plus sign that attracts people who want to sit back & chill while tasting a little bit of halloween's vibe (minus the crazy dress-up). i bet i'd stay longer if i have an accompany. DAMN!

what amazed me the most was the box show itself. i thought it's gonna be another typical fashion show where models will be hanging around the floor and circling my table or some sort, but apparently it's not!
they're literally inside a freaking huge box - where they walk a bit and pose for, err, i guess the right word should be freeze, for a couple minutes.
it's like looking at a living mannequin! so impressive!

oooh-kay, now please excuse myself & see you in next post!



oh the feels!
I know exactly how it feels because ive been there and slightly coping, i just don't like sharing my problems to other people because me alone is already a problem and i get that alright. Anyways, all we have to do is to stay strong :)

Thanks for dropping by to my blog :)

Mrs. Aa said…
looks like you watched a great show
too bad I couldn't come :(

stay fab,
Miss Aa
Jackie Harrison said…
You look great and everyone else nice images hope you feel better. Keep in touch.
Tamara Emilia said…
haihooo cewe cantikkkk
aaaaaa to bad i couldn't come :"(((
looks so much fun..
stay swag sar xoxo

Unknown said…
ok that kitten 3-D shirt is kind of way too awesome. x

Unknown said…
I know exactly what you are talking about, I've been there and the only solution is being strong and everything will be better soon.x As for the getaway I can relate to that, just need to escape reality for a while!x
As for the outfit, I really like your style, it is so unique:)x
Unknown said…
aaa saar i'm dying for ure accessories !! kamu kok cute sihhhh, lol :p
love reading your blog, It's very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that :)

love reading your blog, It's very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that :)

love reading your blog, It's very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that :)

love reading your blog, It's very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that :)

Novarinna Tan said…
Suka banget sama shirt and necklace nya Sar <333
Following you

Chic Swank
Delilah D said…
everybody needs a getaway sometimes :) don't need to think about eveyone else, just think about yourself first
Unknown said…
If sharing with family and friends is not helpful enough, then the only one you can count on is yourself, tob. Be strong! Galau pasti berlalu!

Oiya soal poni. Poni gw sedang dalam masa KRISIS IDENTITAS DIRI, tob. Bingung gw, enak dipanjangin atau dipotong aja ya? Saran, please!

And oh, you look fantastic! Galau doesn't affect your coolness deh kyknya, hahaha.
Cute sekaliii dirimuu. Love your shoes, Sar! :))

Irene said…
I am hoping that as I am typing this comment, you are feeling much better. I think we all do have gloomy days. I, too, am not that comfortable sharing my problems with other people and I'd much rather write about them, sometimes in my blog, but do not disclose everything.

Wonderful photos! And I especially admire your honesty. I'm your new follower and I'm looking forward to reading more from you! Take care! ♡ :-)
angelcorlissa said…
babe! let's go to gold coast together ;) Everyone is waiting for you here hehe <3 <3 <3 Miss you so muuuuchieeeeeee.

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