let's dance in Delilah's awkward arms

i'm a fan of art, inspired by art, and basically grow with art. that is maybe one of the reasons i can't take off my eyes at Delilah Duong - dancing in my awkward arms 's blog. her outstanding artworks just can't stop leave my mind. 
well, here's a little bit of review of her artworks:

and here's our little conversations :)
DO READ! ha ha ha 
oh anyway, whatever you found italic that is slipped between the answers, that must be me replying (or commenting - or bothering, or... um, k)

Hi! Will you tell me a little bit about yourself? 

I come from Vietnam, and I’m currently studying ‘Graphic Design’ major in Ho Chi Minh city University of Architecture. I skipped a year after I graduated from Highschool and stay home because I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

  When did you start drawing? Any extraordinary drama that happened along? :p

I’ve been drawing since I’m a kid. I love to read manga (I still do now though) and I could easily copy pictures of any manga I like. But because I’ve spent my Junior- and Highschool just studying lame subjects so one day I could work my ass off to be some office lady. When I was in grade 12 I thought ‘What the fuck am I really gonna stuck here with this boring life and die even before I get buried?’. That time I haven’t thought of back to drawing yet, I just log into my tumblr everyday and drowned with models and fashion and artwork, then somehow I found my motivation back from the war, wounded but still good though.

What inspired you to draw? Do you find drawing like a routine or just a hobby that pass once in a while?

There was a time I waited for inspirations to come. Then I read a quote: “I don’t wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work.” — Pearl S. Buck. NICE QUOTE! So now I draw everyday, it’s like a thing I must do like eating or watching tv. Besides, I don’t like going out much or even doing chores, basically all I know how to do is drawing.

Any hobby besides drawing?

Shopping. Watching movies. I have tons of movies I planned to watch. I also want to learn new languages. -learn Indonesian! lol :p

Your best best best (or most favourite) artwork you’ve ever made is…

I haven’t had one. I love all my work equally. I might be love one so much when I first finished it, but one or two weeks later I don’t really like it anymore and I seek for what greater.

Where do you picture yourself in 5 years? (ha-ha it sounds like a job interview)

Either fashion illustrator/designer for a model agency or fashion magazine or casting director because it would be awesome, also I want to be Alexander Wang’s housemaid and prepare his clothes everytime he wants to go out, is that too much to ask? It’ll be great if I could became a stylist too. I love a job if it allows me to see good looking people all day haha.

Best-looking man in suit (I know we have the same obsession lol) who’d you like to rape?

Because of my passion for male models, it’s really hard to just generate a name. But in my mind there will always be one perfect man in suit and that would be Keanu Reeves in his movie Constantine (2005). He is so sad and cool I just want to tie him up, put him in my wardrobe and never let him out hahaha. i would definitely do the same :p

 Any alter ego?

I might have one. I feel like I want to do great things and achieve so much but 49% of me is dead inside and doesn’t even want to wake up or talk to people. I have to fight constantly.

 Top 3 bucket lists!

-          Buy my mom and dad a house in the centre so they could make money from people’s renting and live wealthy without having to do anything.
-          Visit Hongkong, stay at Mandarin hotel.
-          Maybe track down and kill all the people do harm to animals. I need to learn witchcraft for this.

 If you were not a human, what would you like to be?

Unicorn is good.

thanks Delilah for the interview! had so much fun reading it hahaha :D good luck with everything, hun!

want to stalk her blog? don't be shy and click here



Jackie Harrison said…
She its an outstanding artist gorgeous art work, Amazing post.
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Thank you for introducing her! Suka bgt artwork nya <3 xx

Unknown said…
What lovely works of art! Great interview as well :)
Amanda said…
Oh how beautiful! Great art
Izzaty Arif said…
beautiful artwork !

mochaccinoland said…
great illustrations! esp. love the last 2 pieces. i stopped drawing after my teens years but i still doodle once in a while. wish i could draw as well as u!!

Delilah D said…
ahaha thank you♥
chris said…
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Irene said…
I love Delilah. I check out her blog everytime she posts something new! This was a great interview! :-)
really beautiful illustrator, i wish i had my own illustrator too! xx
dinda belle said…
Great talaking times, anw she's a great artist :)
Lovely artists! THanks for sharing & passing by my blog! xx

So marvellous, love the art work and interview xx

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