let the wind guides your walk

time flies,
i see the world from another eye
it's a place to live in, where comfort meets its master
but as the hour hand ticks to its edge
it's time to open my other eye
and live my life in reality

i once dreamt i would run from reality
where fun is the only word i learned from dictionary

let's move on,
and face this life



Mrs. Aa said…
simply yet adorable, super adorable even

stay fab,
Miss Aa
Jenniya said…
really cute bag. :)

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You look wonderful, such gorgeous pictures xx

The Dainty Dolls House
Jackie Harrison said…
You look so pretty my friend. Have a great weekend.
Wow this outfit is really cool! And you've go such a cute face!
Unknown said…
you look so naturally pretty, aziikk hehehe >.<
udah ga bisa ootd-an disini lagi dehhh :(
Eliza Tanudjaja said…
u look super gorgeous! these photos are amazing :D

xoxo, Eliza
Bread and Butter
str 3411
Anonymous said…
great pics. Ilove your bag!

Irene said…
I always wanted to run away from reality. But then reality is meant to be faced and not to be escaped from. *sigh* Wonderful words and your lovely smile is contagious! ♡ :-)
Mary Andrikus said…
I love what you wear, especially your scarf. :)

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