JFW day 2

inconsistency is somewhat my weakness. well, that if you want to put it into a phrase. but, looking at the bright side - it is NOT that i'm not being committed or some sort, but i love jumping around and making my life more lively. 

it's just an excuse to my late post of JFW. forgive me :p

this is the shoes that i initially wore until a few steps away & i felt tired. lol.
heels is definitely not a good partner for this hectic, crazy event

(taken from JFW website)

a new twist of hijab clothing. 
Rumah ayu collaborated with fitRosa and Sarah Sofyan, the designer who is known with her monochrome design. her new collection is addressed to calm, modern & chic Muslim women. also, Restu Anggraini presents her new collection with contemporary, modern, feminine design with a touch of brave colours. lastly, Rumah Ayu with Istafiana Candarini, Nadya Karina & Afina Candarini present their tie dye, batik & tenun trademark with soft colours & casual looks.

even though, i don't wear this type of clothings, i do admire their creativity with religion limitation. i thought Rumah Ayu presents their collection really well. good job!

then i moved over to Grazia Glitz&Glam
The Style Journey
Grazia magazine is back with its amusing event that always wowed their readers. in this opportunity, they invited renowned actors & actresses where they collaborated with a certain brand to produce fashion items. these celebrities namely Ariel & Luna Maya, Shandy Aulia, Pevita Pearce, Denada & Afgan presented their collections in a very entertaining way. check these pics out below & you'll understand right away ;)

spotted Reza Rahardian & Sherina on first row

(taken from JFW website)

(taken from JFW website)

i couldn't recall her name, really. but she is a comedian, right? um, rrrright?

Jessica Iskandar


well, you know who. the infamous Al.

Luna Maya

this is where Luna & Ariel clashed during the show. people went crrraaayyy! ugh, gossip peopleee

(taken from JFW website)


(taken from JFW website)

Eva Celia, Pevita Pearce & Chelsea Islan

(taken from JFW website)

(taken from JFW website)


Laura Muljadi


Derby Romero

(taken from JFW website)

Ade Rai & Samuel Rizal

(taken from JFW website)

& accidentally met my blogger fella, Indah Nainggolan

my companion for Glitz&Glam ; Reevo

then i met these cool chicas at Hay United and it was indeed a fine chit-chat day lol.

(from left to right) Putra, x - i'm sorry i didn't get your name, dear!, Bunga, Lulut, Sari, mehhhh, Liz, Gaby

(taken from JFW website)

not sporty, but being stylish in sport!
Hay United was founded by Raisa Corina & Sarah Callista, where they started off with a thought "being stylish while doing sport is a must!". with "K-k-krayon" theme on their first collection, this sportswear shouted a free-spirited, daring & fun personalities. HAY itself which is short for Hot, Active & Young are encouraging people to be fashion forward in any occasion.
say Hayyyy!

well, this is just my half of the day. will report more on next post!
stay tuned ;)



Fantastic pictures, love the looks and designs xx
Jackie Harrison said…
Beautiful catwalk and fashion amazing images.
Brenda Lu said…
great look!

Unknown said…
Aaa asik bgt sihhh.. taun depan kudu brgan ya! Hahaha. Shownya majalah Grazia yg paling hits deh kyknya. Bnyk artisnya!
Anisacrament said…
ihhh seru bangeet!! ada mas samuel rijalnya!
lagi winter nih di London, kenapa? mau mampir ya hoho... btw lurvee your colorful outfit tob! it's so you!

Visa said…
awesome post! looks like such a fun r/w show. also, thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. i have a new international giveaway up on my blog for a $50 and $30 voucher to Oasap if you are interested.
xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/
very cool, cute looks :)

Unknown said…
ternyataaa di hari itu lo mestinya pake high heels yahh hahaha :p
Rizuna Swon said…
Hahaha iya ingat banget. Pas luna sama ariel papasan di catwalk aja langsung heboh semua :'D padahal nyapa doang cipikacipiki. Semua infotainment langsung ngegosiiip. Hidup emang penuh drama :D

Big hug,
Ajeng Andianti said…
omg wish i was in indonesia right now ;( btw nice pics! and lovely blog><
would you mind to follow each other? :)

Kisses from Hong Kong :*

Unknown said…
Great post! Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment! Would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know!

Unknown said…
You look like you had a fun day!! cool hat btw

Click4Chic said…
Hey darling ;)
Love ur blog <3

I'm following u via gfc and bloglovin !
Hope you will follow me too !

Have a nice day,



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