childhood naughtiness

well, i tell you what.
i was a really tomboy kid back then.
even though i wore pretty dresses, cute little bow & pink shoes, i didn't feel right.
despite all the girly stuffs i wore back then, there're a lot of bad-manly things i did with my classmates.

when i was in primary school i used to have this enemy named, let's call him A, shall we? 
we fought like crazy and i remembered this one time i threw a dried fruit at his eyes & of course, he got injured. 
i couldn't do a thing besides staring from far away, didn't have the courage to say sorry while a friend of mine who is pretty lady-like took care of him.
until then, the war started and i acted more like a boy.

there're lots of ridiculous things i did before, such as. kicking, pinching & biting people (sometimes until they bleed), stole my friend's pencil case & threw it from the second floor til it broke, accidentally inserted pencil lead to a friend's finger, and countless things happened.
i am not proud of it. 
it's just somewhat funny to recall these old times & express my childhood in an outfit.

wore unbranded top, pants & denim jacket, Hobart; Australia colourful wedges, Mango sling bag, greedysassy yoda ring, HnM leopard cap

err, it may not look manly enough because of the shoes. i used to pair this outfit with my old grunge dr marten but since i had a beauty event that day, it'll look a little bit too - off scene. 

speaking of shoes, 
when i first heard about this new brand of shoes, i'm way too excited!

introducing Sachlirene Indonesia

unlike other shoe-brand that you know of, Sachlirene has interesting competitive advantages you should really check out!

first of all, Wondersole

one of its well-known trademarks for Sachlirene is its WONDERSOLE where every of its customer (read: soon-to-be US!) will receive a special message crafted in your new babies. the fun thing is it is a surprise! no one will be able to peek on what's inside until you meet your new best friend ;)
this is one of the examples:

secondly, "Choose My Colors" feature

honestly, sometimes i pity the fact that i couldn't pick my favourite colours on the shoes i wanted and have to neglect the intention to buy it. especially if they only have basic colours which don't suit my style. in Sachlirene, other than they offer various colours for their products, we can pick our own colours!
yay! so creative, me likeyyyy 

third, Size Guide

as one of my fears buying shoes online is not knowing its exact size, this guide will be very helpful. especially if you have unique feet like mine (which can fit 39 until 41. very tricky, right?) just by following these simple steps, we will be able to find the right shoes with the right size.
sounds perfect?

lastly, Payment Method

to complete the package, a great service is added on its payment method. we can easily choose to pay in USD or IDR  & through paypal or bank transfer.
easy peasy?

SOOOOOOOO, have fun shopping!
click here or copy paste on your tab

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Unknown said…
lucuu wedgesnyaa >.<
Delilah D said…
i adore your shoes! and i know everybody at least once had a tomboy-era in thier life haha
Firda Amelia said…
Soooo cute! You have such a lovely style! Happy to find your blog hehe followed! :)
Unknown said…
woww i love your wedges so much !!! tomboyish but looks very stylish =D
nice to know you, dear !
Mrs. Aa said…
love these shots

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

stay fab,
Miss Aa
Sammie said…
your shoes are lovely and i also think that everybody goes trough the tomboy phase at least once during a lifetime :)
Super pictures doll, I was a tomboy as well growing up :) x
Earlitha Olivia said…
cool shots!

Jackie Harrison said…
Girl you were a wild I understand did not take crap from anyone. Love those shoes. Have a great weekend doll.
Irene said…
Oh my, you have such an interesting childhood lol A lot of tomboyish girls grow up to be very stylish and creative with their wardrobe. Love your shoes! :-)
Unknown said…
Your colorful shoes are so fun!
mutianugrabita said…
You tipically seems like my sister when she was a kid too hahaha
Unknown said…
Ini pasti ngambil foto di kantor haha. Wedges lo bnr2 ngasih "sesuatu" bgt ke the whole outfit, deh tobs! I like it! ;)
Rizuna Swon said…
sol sepatunya ada tulisan-tulisannya gitu? lucuuuk
Anonymous said…
Great photos!:)

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