Saturday, November 30, 2013

timberland at its peak

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i was a huge fan of "boy stuffs" to start with. as i mentioned earlier i was a tomboy and a huge fan of knickers & man boots. too bad, ages ago the world doesn't offer many unisex products i could explore with. but yes, thank God, today is a whole lot different story.

let's start with a little Q&A session;
if you hear the word "Timberland" what comes into your head?
footwear? manly stuffs? or the famous singer - Timbaland? 
well, what is left on my mind is its Iconic Yellow Boots that screams so loud in my head "OWN ME! OWN ME! OWN ME!"

and his little fella, which is a total eye-candy!

let me spill a little bit of fun facts about Timberland

it is a wholly owned subsidiary of VF Corporation, which is a global  leader in the design, engineering and marketing of premium-quality footwear, apparel and accessories for consumers who value the outdoors and their time in it. Timberland offers quality workmanship & detailing and are built to withstand the elements of nature. moreover, its dedication to making quality products is matched by the company's commitment to "doing well and doing good" - forging powerful partnerships among employees, consumers and service partners to transform the communities in which they live and work. 

hm, what's not to love? high-quality products, nature-friendly, supporting workplace environment & ofcourse the lovable shoes which is hard to resist is definitely a double plus point!

what is more exciting though, right at Oct 10, 2013 in Plaza Indonesia, Timberland announced its opening store as its Jakarta's third stand-alone store. located on the fourth floor of Plaza Indonesia, a prestigious mall among premium retailers, the 100-square meter space is designed to reflect the company’s long-standing commitment to sustainability, through the use of recycled materials and other eco-conscious building practices. sounds interesting? go have a visit then!

 also, at the same time this year, as their 40 years anniversary of the Iconic Yellow Boots, Timberland Plaza Indonesia will be showcasing 8 of the limited and teamed-up projects of 6 inch boots from various collaborations featuring Japanese designer, artist, photographer and many more. today, Timberland is for a generations that values authenticity, sustainability, and the return of quality craftsmanship.

spotting my old celebrity crush - Samuel Rizal who looks extremely cool & sporty with his Timberland's piece of art

let's check out how these girls rock the unisex Timberland boots on their own ways. my time will be exposed, soon!

ugh, craving for theseeeeee!

i will be joining the pact soon!


Friday, November 29, 2013

let the wind guides your walk

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time flies,
i see the world from another eye
it's a place to live in, where comfort meets its master
but as the hour hand ticks to its edge
it's time to open my other eye
and live my life in reality

i once dreamt i would run from reality
where fun is the only word i learned from dictionary

let's move on,
and face this life


Sunday, November 24, 2013

beauty by its own (not)

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hi guys, this is my very first review on beauty products
this may seem very odd, i know, but i just learned that beauty can be very fun! 
i wasn't a fan of eye liner nor anything that smells chemical to start with, but thanks to InStyle Magazine who allows me to work as a beauty reporter, i was introduced into a whole new world that is just as great as fashion-everse ;)

today i'm just going to review my second most favourite beauty product after lipstick;
nail polish! but instead of comparing these famous brands on their "normal" colour, i chose their special editions and did a little comparison. enjoy!

Pink of Hearts edition; 15 ml (each); got 'em for free so i didn't exactly know how much does it cost. maybe around Rp 140-180.000? roughly said.

well, who doesn't know OPI? it's like the hip-est nail polish brand in Indonesia. i believe that a good reputation is earned because of its high maintained quality and OPI did show the truth. 
now, i'll be reviewing on its Pink of Hearts edition, but i'll specifically try on its glitter polish. 

i honestly am quite disappointed with this one. the pinkish nude base on this colour doesn't stand out that much. also, even though i applied the polish twice, it still didn't spread evenly. i guess, because of the different size of its glitters, they look a bit, um, weird? 

SUGAR COAT - 500 Razzle-berry; 11.8 ml; Rp. 100.000; bought in Watson

there used to be Sally Hansen in Indonesia, but it seems like the old franchisee didn't promote their nail-polish that spectacular. i heard they were prioritising its wax? have you guys used it? 

it's just a pity that the number one most selling nail brand in USA can't satisfy their thirsty fans in Indonesia. that's why they're back with a refreshing start & of course, with lots of colours & variety to offer. i came to its first re-launching and they do have beautiful colours to play with.

if OPI is known with its top-notch shatter overcoat, Sally Hansen is competing with another coat trend; sugar coat & fuzzy coat.
so i decided to give 'em a try and let's see what will they look like

i honestly love the sugary effect on the nail. it makes me want to lick it so badly! (am i hungry that much?)
i also like how the colour is so thick that it gives a matte look that i'm currently digging. 
however, you can't really see the sugar details unless it's under a spotlight or a very bright flash. without the light, it just looks like a untidy polish with a rough surface. 

well, i still love it though! the colour is just too cute to resist :)
i would also recommend you to not choose yellow sugar coat. it looks ugly, i've seen it! i don't really know about the rest, but i only would re-buy this colour & the red one. 

FUZZY COAT - 500 Fuzz-sea; 9.17ml; Rp. 100.000; bought in Watson

i instantly fell in love with the packaging. it looks so fluffy and hug-able. unfortunately, it doesn't look as good in reality.
the first picture is just the fuzzy on its own, while the second one is used on top of a Sally Hansen's red nail polish. i believe it would look much better if i put a different colour on the second nail, it was just a random trial so sorry about that :p
if you're interested to give fuzzy coat a try, i would suggest you to use this item solely for a top coat. i don't think it looks pretty if you use it alone. 

212 - Gold Diamond; 5 ml; Rp 50.000; bought in Watson

if the above two brands are made in USA, this little fella is just a strange foreigner. comes with a smaller packaging (compare to those two), it sparkles with its own way far from Switzerland. as i am not a nail expert and used to believe that nail polish brand is only Revlon, it didn't come to my attention that this brand is worth to consider.

this is by far my most favourite nail polish. it's just an ordinary glitter i assume, but its thickness is just right. the gold colour is outstanding & evenly spread out and it only needs twice coating to look perfect. 
it's just they don't really have any other variety than this glitter. staying classic, huh?


additional selfies ;)

well, i hope you like reading the review and again, this is just my honest opinion! no sponsor purpose is intended. if you have any other opinion on the products, feel free to drop me a comment below ;) or maybe a little more private to my email ( as i would love to hear from you!
and yes, i'm a beginner so please, puh-lease correct me if anything is wrong with my wording or anything :)



Friday, November 22, 2013

childhood naughtiness

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well, i tell you what.
i was a really tomboy kid back then.
even though i wore pretty dresses, cute little bow & pink shoes, i didn't feel right.
despite all the girly stuffs i wore back then, there're a lot of bad-manly things i did with my classmates.

when i was in primary school i used to have this enemy named, let's call him A, shall we? 
we fought like crazy and i remembered this one time i threw a dried fruit at his eyes & of course, he got injured. 
i couldn't do a thing besides staring from far away, didn't have the courage to say sorry while a friend of mine who is pretty lady-like took care of him.
until then, the war started and i acted more like a boy.

there're lots of ridiculous things i did before, such as. kicking, pinching & biting people (sometimes until they bleed), stole my friend's pencil case & threw it from the second floor til it broke, accidentally inserted pencil lead to a friend's finger, and countless things happened.
i am not proud of it. 
it's just somewhat funny to recall these old times & express my childhood in an outfit.

wore unbranded top, pants & denim jacket, Hobart; Australia colourful wedges, Mango sling bag, greedysassy yoda ring, HnM leopard cap

err, it may not look manly enough because of the shoes. i used to pair this outfit with my old grunge dr marten but since i had a beauty event that day, it'll look a little bit too - off scene. 

speaking of shoes, 
when i first heard about this new brand of shoes, i'm way too excited!

introducing Sachlirene Indonesia

unlike other shoe-brand that you know of, Sachlirene has interesting competitive advantages you should really check out!

first of all, Wondersole

one of its well-known trademarks for Sachlirene is its WONDERSOLE where every of its customer (read: soon-to-be US!) will receive a special message crafted in your new babies. the fun thing is it is a surprise! no one will be able to peek on what's inside until you meet your new best friend ;)
this is one of the examples:

secondly, "Choose My Colors" feature

honestly, sometimes i pity the fact that i couldn't pick my favourite colours on the shoes i wanted and have to neglect the intention to buy it. especially if they only have basic colours which don't suit my style. in Sachlirene, other than they offer various colours for their products, we can pick our own colours!
yay! so creative, me likeyyyy 

third, Size Guide

as one of my fears buying shoes online is not knowing its exact size, this guide will be very helpful. especially if you have unique feet like mine (which can fit 39 until 41. very tricky, right?) just by following these simple steps, we will be able to find the right shoes with the right size.
sounds perfect?

lastly, Payment Method

to complete the package, a great service is added on its payment method. we can easily choose to pay in USD or IDR  & through paypal or bank transfer.
easy peasy?

SOOOOOOOO, have fun shopping!
click here or copy paste on your tab

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

JFW day 2 (and another half)

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between the craaay schedule, i managed to get some proper photo shoots with Sabrina

wore: ebay galaxy top, india skirt, dian pelangi scarf, melbourne necklace, hongkong bowler hat, cotton on purple outerwear, zara sling bag, steve madden blue flats

then i ended the day with my favourite pair; Sari & Lulut

plus our cutiepie, Cathy