wow, hi!

it's not too long ago since i last posted, but i've missed my blog like crazy.
the reason? maybe because i was busy having "fun" ;)

i think i haven't told you guys yet that i'm currently working in InStyle Magazine as a freelance beauty reporter. i don't know what hits my mind so that i'd stop here and become a journalist. it was way beyond my wildest imagination, really.

i used to dream growing up as a writer - as in novel / comic writer, or "whatever" writer that requires no perfect language, but my current job entails me to do so. not to brag (or any intention of arrogance or whatsoever) but i find English more comfortable than my mother tongue - Bahasa Indonesia. well, not that i speak nor write fluent English, but the thing is my Indonesian kinda suck, especially when it comes to formal writing. when i was about to join InStyle, i thought i won't be dealing much with the article for the magazine itself. i had more interest on becoming a fashion / wardrobe stylist (read: no writing for fashion either) or whatever stylist that they have. but, apparently the universe - or God to be exact, wants me to do something else, which is what i currently positioned at: a beauty reporter (yes, please bold the reporter).

again, it was beyond, WAY beyond my imagination that i could actually write something that is officially published - and again with a perfect Indonesian that i'm not mastered with. but, my job was a total HIT. i mean, i love it FREAKING MUCH. i learned a lot and i enjoyed every second i spent on my job. well first thing first, ME, who used to be an anti-make up (i used to believe that whoever who uses make up was a coward because he/she doesn't want to show his/her bare face) learned to wear a little bit of lipstick and sheer eye shadow and maybe a thin line of eye liner - yes, me. and because of my job, i learned the difference between primer and moisturiser or what is the need of BB cream. amazing? HELL YEAH! i'm the kind of person who loves challenges and new things - and this is just a really great experience for me. coincidence that i got this job? i bet not.

secondly, for an amateur writer like me, it's pretty tough to find good vocabularies to write a 250-words article. it might look very easy for you - or for my two best friends; Pingkan and Dyota who go to Monash majoring journalism. HA! it's like me dipping in their world & sort of "enjoying" the madness of the word "deadline". but, again, looking from its bright side this experience is super fun and exciting. seeing a piece of your writing / creation in a paper does feel marvellous.

there're just so many advantages that i could gain from this job and the most important thing i want to share with you all is; don't be afraid to try something new. no matter if it's really out of your context and you dislike it at the first place - what's hurt to try? maybe you'll learn how to actually ace it & you get the most valuable experience you couldn't have imagined! this is me not saying shit, but i really want to encourage you guys to step away from your comfort zone. world has so many great things to offer - so, go ahead and take your part!

my first "creation" - that proud moment when i see my name in a spread even though it's only 1/18 of the page lol
get this InStyle November edition - like NOW! 

o - o - o - my - goodness - gracious - whatever - DUH - hell - why am i so fat? :"(

wore: kmart blue shirt, melbourne necklace & embossed bag, vanishing elephant socks, vintage man shoes, factorie skirt

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Unknown said…
aaah jadi kangen instyle >.< hehehe
congrats to your first feature for your job !! <3
congrats Kk! so happy that you already find your 'beyond imagination' job :) and glad that you love it!
keep success!
Unknown said…
yuuuk lunch barengg saarr..line me >.<
nggaa, gue ngga bisa ke gancit :(( lo dateng yaa ?
Shannon Valle said…
Vanishing Elephant has such gorgeous, raw pieces. Love that you have the socks.

The Fashann Monster
Bernadette Czle said…
such a cute bag, you look pretty! xx
Bernadeth G. said…
Great post! Totally love the photos :)

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (
Anisacrament said…
impian yang tercapai ya :,)) love seeing you with a big smile on every pictures. Apalagi bajunya keren2
MILEX said…
I am speechless!
Bobby Raffin said…
soo cute!! love your blog
blond-yasmin said…
nice look :) and i like your bag!

Pristan Hutomo said…
ko barang2nya banyak beli di melbourne? Hehehe just curious.... Love your necklace!


Ichi and Pristan
Aww congrats Sarah. happy for you <33
btw, aku biasanya dipanggil nita kok. hihihi jadi kamu bs panggil aku nita aja ;)
Unknown said…
I love the print on your skirt. How pretty!

Stephanie | fashion and tea
Delilah D said…
good for you, anybody who into fashion dream of someday working for fashion magazines haha ;)
sure you'll be the first in line when i send out my Christmas card ♥ about last year i sent a letter to my friend in thailand in 14h, they left in 11th next month, still haven't got my letter so, i think it'll be a month or over by regular transport. and i live in vietnam :D
Louisa said…
Congratulations girl!! Looking lovely! Would you like to follow each other on Facebook, Bloglovin', GFC, and/or Instagram. Please let me know if you're interested.

Louisa Moje
LOVE your outfit, so cute!
Great post :)


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Meilina Utomo said…
Love your inspiring blog :)


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