on the screen: Tara Basro

well, now that you know i've been busy working with InStyle magazine, maybe it's time to spill the fun i've been having for the past few weeks. so, our last photo shoot collaborated with Tara Basro and here are the sneak peek of InStyle's November edition. brace yourself ;)

Tara Basro has this friendly & fun personality that i really admire as an actress. she looks into her career seriously and dedicated to every role she's allocated. yet, with all of that respectable traits - she keeps her chin down; meaning she's very down to earth. honestly, it's quite rare to see such a person like that. throwing all of the arrogance (that she could proudly have) or that famous actor/actress' despise stare - she glows with her inner beauty that wrapped flawlessly under the light. 
a round of applause for the only Tara Basro!

well, a bit of my selfies wouldn't hurt, yes?

smell like fun? HA HA



Joan said…
lovely top!! ;)
The Mad Twins said…
Tara Basro sounds like a very friendly person! Nice you have met her ^^ Lovely outfit as well! You look stunning!
Amalia Fajrina said…
Hi, nice to know your blog kak! :)

Unknown said…
it seems so fun saarrr >.<
asyiikk bisa fotoo2 hihihi
good luck for the next beauty issue :*
Novarinna Tan said…
Love your looks Sar and you look had a great & fun photshoot !

Chic Swank
that is such a fun top!
Unknown said…
Tara Basro is so lovely! And you have such a fun job (read : bisa ketemu artis) gw juga mauuu ahhaa. Good luck ya tob!

sounds so lovely! it seems like a fun photoshoot
My first Maldives Portfolio is up on my blog
"Maldivian Gypsy"on http://reinhardtkenneth.blogspot.com
petrushkabiel said…
Keren bangetttt!!! hehe, welcome to InStyle ya Sartob. Semoga hepi2 terus di IS
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the nice post

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