love ain't impress me

"Mungkin, baginya cinta itu bukanlah sepenggal kata biasa. Cinta itu mempunyai pesan tersirat di balik makna yang sesungguhnya. Dan jika dapat merasakan cinta, hidup seakan lebih berwarna. Namun, satu hal yang selalu muncul di benakku bila kata cinta diucapkan adalah fantasi. Menurutku, cinta bukanlah bualan gombal yang patut disombongkan. Perasaan meluap-luap yang mengundang hasrat juga bukanlah cinta. Ataupun jika ia dapat meluluhkan hati yang bertembokkan es, cinta tetaplah sebuah khayalan." - maybe, maybe, it is just thought of the day

the clearer i see, love is just plainly a word. it never means a lot to me and i think it never will. i don't know why, but the word "love" seems disappoint me too much, well, much enough to make me realise that it ain't sweet. i used to believe in soul mate, destiny or fated to be together, but now it's just merely a memory. i don't experience love directly, but just by seeing it destroys my belief. not that i'm an anti-fan, because honestly i enjoy the fun in lust. however, the love itself will be erased in my dictionary.

you spin me upside down

wore: jayjays cap, id floral vest, valleygirl blue skirt (all of these bought in melbourne) 
zara snake emboss flats, unbranded white top, greedysassy pharaoh ring

PS. i want to thank my great & most awesome, cool, friendly sistah in instyle; kak kyoooooo! she took the courtesy of these pictures and thank you for everything kak!
she indeed is a professional hahaha ;)



Stevia said…
cool vest! I love the pretty floral mix :)

The Sweetest Escape 
Novarinna Tan said…
Whaaaa Sartobb. suka banget sama flower outernya dan skirt nya.. Cantikk

Chic Swank
Mrs. Aa said…
such a pretty skirt

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

stay fab,
Miss Aa
Jackie Harrison said…
Do not loose faith in Love and if you do you sure look great doing it cute outfit you look adorable.
Anonymous said…
cool vest!

sweet and sugars,
Unknown said…
wow.. what an unique style it is.. Love it dear! Your skirt is so stunning:)

petrushkabiel said…
Hey sartob, km jangan galau2 dong. Belom nemu aja soulmate-nya. Hehe, nanti juga nemu. Semangat!!!

Eiya, makasi loh buat pujiannya. Jd terharu ^^

Hepi hepi slalu ya sartob, jangan syedih2

Unknown said…
Uhuk, ada yang lagi galau nih. Tapi segalau2nya lo masih aja keliatan stunning ya haha. Super love the floral vest! I wore it too on my latest blog post. Not exactly the same tho, but I think we are "sehati". Uwuuu... u.u
mutianugrabita said…
just don'y love too much, am I right? ahahaha
Unknown said…
I love the fun print of your cap!
andysparkles said…
very cute outfit!

I love that egyptian ring you got there :) Pretty staple dear !
Anisacrament said…
23 oktober sob! kado yaa hehehe
ahhh vest bunga nya lucuk! me likeyy!
Delilah D said…
yeah i think so too, but i love the quote 'there are all kind of love in this world but never the same love twice', i've experienced all kind of love just by watching my relatives ahaha, and i don't believe in love, you had fun with somebody and that's all, it's merely an illusion.
btw you look very cute♥
Unknown said…
Gosh you are so right with the word LOVE .... :)

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Emily from Pretty Tiny Things
Unknown said…
aaa swaag hehehe sukaa banget sama roknyaa >.<

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