JFW day 1

it's not my first time coming to JFW, but i think the last time i went was like two or three years ago - i couldn't remember. i've never really paid attention to fashion trend that happens in Jakarta, since i was a really "busy to study" student back in Melbourne lol lol lol. and since i just returned, i couldn't take note on what's happening recently. thanks to my job, i got to keep in phase to what so-called the IT event.

well, long story short i got such a privilege task from InStyle to cover JFW and handed a press ID which allows me to attend any (read: ANY) show that tickles my attention. then, i decided to come to the first day of JFW along with my long lost friend Jo Reiner & Edo Gustaf whom have been acquainted since primary school. anyhow, i'm not really in the mood to write & there're zzzoooo many pictures piling up. so here they go, peeps!

my fave guys: Edo (left) & Jo (right)

opening press conference

Evita Nuh, baby!

Indonesia Fashion Forward 

from left: Ryxzy Joehana, Renny Ruth Rohen, Rosalinda Tjoe

Cita Cinta Celebration

Argyle & Oxford

with Putri Valentina - damn, she's so tall!

and my outfit of the day

monstore black top, mannequin plastic necklace, ebay beanie, romwe hologram midi skirt, steve madden flats, stylebros floral blazer & melbourne bag

stay tuned for more of jfw post!



Jackie Harrison said…
How nice to be a part of this event doll. come read have a cute post today.
sara you look so cool as always. hihi
anyway I really love your skirt dear <333

Unknown said…
Yeaay skirtnya dipake!! \0/ Kece abis sar. Told u! Btw did you got the frontrow on one of the shows? That's cool, mam! ><

Livia Pangdoko said…
aduh keyeen abis deh sara outfitnya!!! love your skirt so muchhh <33

Rosalinda Tjioe said…
I look like a midget. Anyway seneng bertemuuu dengan mu lagi sar huhahaha <3 xx

Putri Valentina said…
Love your necklace dear :D
aku tinggi karna heels >.< hihhi

Unknown said…
Haha jadi inget insiden rok sar, omg that was horrible. LOL

Cant wait till the next post! ♡

Tara said…
great post about JFW . love your extraordinary outfit Sar.
Unknown said…
Love your outfit, and the runway looks are amazing! So great that you attended! I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back!
I recently joined Instagram and hope we can connect there too :)


xo Jess
Great reportage! I love your look too!!!
Tiffany Wu said…
Thank you for lovely comment dear.
I love the way you mix and match ur outfit♥

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