exploring gandaria city - part 2

so here comes the second part. 
when i wrote this up, i felt the vibe back again.
the feeling you'll have when you are reminded of a sweet, fun memory. 
where it strikes your bones and electrifies your vessels - you know the moment is worth your precious time.
it was indeed a good day to remember, because i got the chance to meet up a lot of new blogger friends (and to shop!) yet, it wasn't any ordinary day of mine.

i won't be talking much (for now).
and let me just share my mind bubbles:

--- featuring these cool people:
jessica paramartha from phoskinny, steffi santa from the daydreamer, vina bahri from 13 project, atjilaynna from increamnia, titaz permatasari from hi, i'm titaz!, monicha nelis from the black bird

with kak titaz <3 p="">

well, you saw her already right? ha-ha-ha yes it's steffi, dammit!

jessica - oh why you so tall and skinny? i so jellyyyy!

(from left to right: jessica, steffi, vina & meeee)

(from right to left: jessica, me, steffi, atjil, & monic)

and last but not least:
ft. my reporter fella from female magazine: annetta darandri

PLUS moi selfieeee ;)

alright, let's close this post with a BIIIG SMIIILE :)



Jenniya said…
You look all so stylish! :)

Visit my blog: I AM JENNIYA
Felicita said…
hello Steffi's friend! Thankyou for visitting my blog <3
Unknown said…
asiikk dan ketjeeee semuaa >.<
Fresh Is Yummy said…
Amazing pictures!:)

Jackie Harrison said…
So nice to meet new people in such a cool event.
Monicha Nelis said…
yuhuuu! It was so fun ya sar ;)
I follow your blog anyway hihi :3
Earlitha Olivia said…
seems so fun!!
you look so stylish :)

lucu banget outfitnya. suka sama rok dan sepatu kamu yang bright :D
u all look great and gorgeous!! <3
Putri Valentina said…
I'm in love with your skirt! :D

andysparkles said…
very cute photos!!

Bellamoreway said…
woahh asik bgt event nya >< pengen ke h&m ah kalo balik jkt hihi wish we can meet up someday!
Sammie said…
oh this look like so much fun :) and you seem so happy :)
i love your neon shoes. I'm into something neon recently :p
I came on the 1st day, too bad we didnt meet up :( maybe next time hhe

asik ya sartob freelancenya.. haha. Kece abis!

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