exploring gandaria city - part 1

if you are a (hardcore) fan of steffi santa's blog or famously known as the daydreamer, you'll know exactly what i'm going to write. 

long story short, a neighbour from medan came to jakarta to - what you can call "merantau". she's living up to her dreams and now she's looking for the right job. well, it's been tough for her, since she graduated from agriculture degree and now she feels sort of "lost". she discovered her real passion after blogging and fashion is in her top priority. honestly, i can totally relate to her situation - though mine isn't as complicated. i graduated with accounting and finance as my major and i have no idea (at all) about this fashion world. it's true that i've been volunteering in fashion show, photo shoot, and stuffs like that, but i don't have any professional training. besides that, it's such a pity if i neglected my top-notch degree and dive into a new world where i need to start everything from zero. again. so, yeah, me & steffi aren't exactly at the right place to begin with, but at least we're trying to find the right ending for our life.

making a choice is hard, right? making the right choice is even scarier.
we all know this fact.

ANYWAAAAAAAY, despite the gloomy - sad talk, let's just skip to something fun.

so, steffi stayed at moi house since friday night and we were so excited for the next day. early in the morning we prepared ourselves for the opening of h&m in gandaria city. the fact that vouchers will be given for the first 250 people in line excites us. unfortunately, when we arrived, the line was insanely crowded - long enough for us to change our direction. but, as we always find opportunities behind every misfortune, we found a place for a mini photo shoot. and here they are.

close up enough? HA HA HA

wore: romwe painted skirt, cotton on tights, jelly beans neon sandals, hongkong bag, vintage shirt, melbourne necklace & earrings, diy lego bracelet, greedy sassy yoda ring

dirty, much? grrr

and my companion of the day - steffi santa!

 well, this is just like half of the day. after we hung around the mall itself, we went hunting at h&m. 
and the story continues...

stay tuned!


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MILEX said…
that's just clearly amazing
Unknown said…
lovely bog <3 you look amazing!

Lets follow each other in GFC, Bloglovin and FB :)

Kindly let me know where all you are following and I will return the favor :D
Mrs. Aa said…
nice earrings and skirt

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

stay fab,
Miss Aa
Rin Handika said…
I love your thought, haha I'm looking for a right job too for me after my graduation >.< Lol!
Love your earrings <3
Sammie said…
the print on your skirt is lovely
Unknown said…
love your style. amazing skirt
would you like to follow each other? let me know

andysparkles said…
cute photos! would you like to follow each other? just let me know!

ur skirt!!<3

Jackie Harrison said…
You are very pretty and sweet. Thank you for visiting my blog following you by bloglovin follow back thanks.
Shannon Valle said…
The painted skirt is gorgeous! You look beautiful.

The Fashann Monster
beautiful! i love your colorful style!
The Mad Twins said…
Oow, I hope she can find what she wants. I admire people who chase their dreams no matter what, and I somehow think if you try hard enough, everything will turn out right. Everybody has their up and down. ^-^ You both will find the perfect job, I'm sure :D

Sad that the row of H&M was so large Ö but I'm glad you find a spot to take pictures, because I adore both your outfits very much! They look so colorful and optimistic ^-^

Loves, London
Unknown said…
I love your fun top!

Stephanie | fashion and tea
Delilah D said…
aww so cute♥ and your earrings♥♥ i love it love it!!!
your skirt ♥
you look amazing

Ella said…
Your outfit is so damn cute. I love the skirt, the earrings, your smile...everything seems so nice!!! Lovely post dear!: )
Danny Suyandi said…
that printed skirt. love the mixed with the shirt :D

Tara said…
you and steffi looks so fun . Love your skirt. Hopefully we can meet up and took a photo together :)
colorful Sar! I like it. Nice top and skirt, sepatunya juga glowing gitu. hahaha..


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