akzezoriez much?

well, it's a real quick post before running out to eat :p so forgive my rush lol

long story short, i'm not feeling like dressing up today. so, i put on my old asymmetrical LBD & vintage outerwear. yet, with no make up & non-washed hair (ewww - sorry) i packed my accessories & ready to experiment. 

accessories are my only & most favourite escape plan. so here's today's #ootd while wishing everyone a good day!

vintage man shoes & neiz (scream for Indo local brand!) cloud socks

moi favourite diy rings ;)

from right to left: galeries lafayette's, another diy bracelet from ozi (made of shoelace, ya say whaaat?), my fav bracelet diy 

anyway, i'm joining the blogger contest from Local Brand Indonesia
check their instagram (@localbrandid) out & join meee (or maybe not as you'll be my competitor hahahaha) ;)



Jackie Harrison said…
Cute outfit.
Unknown said…
cutee banget cincinnyaa sarr >.<
Anita said…
lovely blog :)
Delilah D said…
lovely outfit!!! i love your red hat, it's so cute ;A;

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