a smile that hides the broken "construction"

hi, world
i just learned that i would never be able to conquer my tears under the roof of disappointment and betrayal
the combination of two - hurts me the most and i realised, today, the feeling was unbearable
then, my mind starts to crumble. all the bad thoughts coming up and breaks me even more
i know that God is testing me through this problem and i could do nothing but to surrender to Him
but still, sometimes i'm just too tired and living this life isn't my priority anymore
i've never known i could be this fragile

the photoshoot below happened before this war started,
but behind every smile, there's always something that breaks down - just like the background
i don't know if the picture itself can bring literal meaning
but well, this proves something that doesn't sound logical, huh?


anyway, will post report on JFW soon ;)
stay tuned



Unknown said…
I don't know what makes you so "galau" like this but.. stay strong ya, eda! Habis gelap terbitlah terang. Remember that!

Anyway lucu bgt outfit lo broo hihi. Love the colours!

Stevia said…
oh I love your bag!
and blue and red is always a fun color mix :)

The Sweetest Escape 
Sammie said…
wow these photos turned out so cool
Jackie Harrison said…
A picture speaks a million words. Keep your head up and have faith doll after the storm the rainbow shines.
Anisacrament said…
love the background soo much sob!!
Cheer up galsss, you'll have a bright sun after a stormy midnight!

cheer up dear :)
anyway I love the colors in your outfit. <3

Bernadette Czle said…
love the red bow detail! so pretty! xx
love all the photos, very creative!
Delilah D said…
well you look still pretty for a gloomy girl haha
and of course i've been drawing with faces, if you want to see then click on the 'artwork' link in my side-bar :P
stylefrontier said…
loving your outfit and the photos!
style frontier
visit my shop shop style frontier
Danny Suyandi said…
cheer up girl!
anyway, that outfit looks great! I like the color combination :D

you look cutee ♥♥
your style is so unique!

Marcela Gmd said…
Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

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