Thursday, October 31, 2013

JFW day 1

4:39 PM 12
it's not my first time coming to JFW, but i think the last time i went was like two or three years ago - i couldn't remember. i've never really paid attention to fashion trend that happens in Jakarta, since i was a really "busy to study" student back in Melbourne lol lol lol. and since i just returned, i couldn't take note on what's happening recently. thanks to my job, i got to keep in phase to what so-called the IT event.

well, long story short i got such a privilege task from InStyle to cover JFW and handed a press ID which allows me to attend any (read: ANY) show that tickles my attention. then, i decided to come to the first day of JFW along with my long lost friend Jo Reiner & Edo Gustaf whom have been acquainted since primary school. anyhow, i'm not really in the mood to write & there're zzzoooo many pictures piling up. so here they go, peeps!

my fave guys: Edo (left) & Jo (right)

opening press conference

Evita Nuh, baby!

Indonesia Fashion Forward 

from left: Ryxzy Joehana, Renny Ruth Rohen, Rosalinda Tjoe

Cita Cinta Celebration

Argyle & Oxford

with Putri Valentina - damn, she's so tall!

and my outfit of the day

monstore black top, mannequin plastic necklace, ebay beanie, romwe hologram midi skirt, steve madden flats, stylebros floral blazer & melbourne bag

stay tuned for more of jfw post!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

akzezoriez much?

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well, it's a real quick post before running out to eat :p so forgive my rush lol

long story short, i'm not feeling like dressing up today. so, i put on my old asymmetrical LBD & vintage outerwear. yet, with no make up & non-washed hair (ewww - sorry) i packed my accessories & ready to experiment. 

accessories are my only & most favourite escape plan. so here's today's #ootd while wishing everyone a good day!

vintage man shoes & neiz (scream for Indo local brand!) cloud socks

moi favourite diy rings ;)

from right to left: galeries lafayette's, another diy bracelet from ozi (made of shoelace, ya say whaaat?), my fav bracelet diy 

anyway, i'm joining the blogger contest from Local Brand Indonesia
check their instagram (@localbrandid) out & join meee (or maybe not as you'll be my competitor hahahaha) ;)


Monday, October 28, 2013

life is full of expectation

12:30 AM 7
thought of the day:

we live by expectation
expect what comes next, expect what the future holds, expect things will go better overtime
but sometimes, these kinds of expectation can ruin our future
we get disappointed, hurt, or perhaps mad because life doesn't go as the way we expected
the more we expect, the more risk we take
and the more risky it is, the more we become vulnerable

wait, did i use the wrong address? should i say "me" instead of "us"?
do you experience this too? or is it just me?

never mind.

i'm currently obsessed with sweaters & jackets - why? obviously, Indonesia is a tropical country and Jakarta loves the sun too much til it burns my skin. but, in the other hand, my office is freezing me out. can you imagine the extreme differences between my indoor & outdoor activities? no? uh well, after quite a long search, i found this great online shop that offers me a variety choice of sweaters and so forth. click here to check it out yourself ;) was first established in the 2008's christmas night - how romantic isn't it? and they have successfully changed from a simple vintage speciality shop into a pint-sized platform of high-street fashion. Aupie provides a wide range of collection that suits each one of us. (fyi, this is not a whole copy-paste introduction because i literally love the collections, so i made an effort #confession). the other benefits you can gain from Aupie are that it ships free worldwide & implying 60 days' return policy. 

so here are some of my faves and if you're interested to stalk the item, click "here" to surf the website ;)

and these are my old archives when winter strikes in Melbourne and i couldn't just stay still :[

i don't know why it is un-rotate-able grrrrr

and still, um well, sorry if you need to turn your head a bit. forgive my technology limitation HA


Monday, October 21, 2013

a smile that hides the broken "construction"

11:43 AM 13
hi, world
i just learned that i would never be able to conquer my tears under the roof of disappointment and betrayal
the combination of two - hurts me the most and i realised, today, the feeling was unbearable
then, my mind starts to crumble. all the bad thoughts coming up and breaks me even more
i know that God is testing me through this problem and i could do nothing but to surrender to Him
but still, sometimes i'm just too tired and living this life isn't my priority anymore
i've never known i could be this fragile

the photoshoot below happened before this war started,
but behind every smile, there's always something that breaks down - just like the background
i don't know if the picture itself can bring literal meaning
but well, this proves something that doesn't sound logical, huh?


anyway, will post report on JFW soon ;)
stay tuned