change x adapt

some people are noticing a lot of changes in my style lately; and the same question that crossed their minds was "WHY did you change?"
um, i do not have an answer to that question but,
dear, i did not change
there're just a lot of different sides within me and i showed a distinct part to a certain person in a particular situation.

other than style, my behaviour is also flexible depending on the person whom i face with. i might be able to fake a laugh to a joke that i didn't find funny or pretend to understand a topic which i haven't even heard, BUT, that's not because i want to stay on the safe zone (or whatever you want to call it). it's just that what builds me; me. it's very natural for me to do so.

well, let's be honest and face the fact that the world sees something different oddly. people judge, we do judge, and first impression gives a huge impact. i always think that modifying oneself to fit in happens all the time whenever he/she is placed to a new environment. but hey - "different is good! we are born unique, so embrace it". that's true! i gave it a thought thoroughly and yes, God mould us to be different so every mankind can complete each other. 

so, let me be clear, modifying to fit in has the meaning of ADAPT - and that doesn't include changing a whole self to be someone else; but to show several traits that is ... acceptable to the society. adapt is a basic instinct of every human needs to improve and that characteristic is born with us. it's your choice to give it a chance to grow or let it gone. 

so, again my friend, i did not change. it's just me; adapting - and i can be anything just the way i like it. i didn't change to please people, it's just what i think suits me best.

wore: liora bags red-orange bag, unbranded top, melbourne handmade necklace, diy bracelet, retail therapy clogs



Mrs. Aa said…
cute skirt <3

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

stay fab,
Miss Aa
Unknown said…
That's true, tob! Sometimes we need to "modify" our traits when seeing new people in new circumstance. Besides, there's nothing wrong with "changing" tho, as long as it makes you a better person, kan hehe.

Anyway, I love the skirt! Looking amazing as always hihi <3
aww lovely style. i love the skirt so much <333
Anisacrament said…
Kamu lucuk sekalii, I can feel the hippies vibe from London lol!
Inge Lakawa said…
agree with you :)
i like your necklace

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Sabrina M said…
nyentuh amat ya kata"nya haha ehem people think we change beacuse they think so . btw aku sukaaa sama skirtnyaa , hehe
Unknown said…
may be they said you changed your style, because usually you always wear layering outfits..
but hello, this is indonesia..layering outfits with really really thick pieces are just not working out here..haha..kebayang deh keringetnya banjir nya kaya apa :p
just ignore always look cute and classic <3<3
and cant agree more with your words in your post here..adapting is how we survive in a new environment..
blond-yasmin said…
Nice look :)

Kisses :* :)
Fahad Scale said…
thank you!
the skirt looks amazing
<3 it

Mr. Rebel in Town
Unknown said…
nice look ;) lovely skirt

+would you like to follow each other?
Love your skirt, is beautiful! :)
Anonymous said…
Great look! I like it :)
Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know :)
Bellamoreway said…
couldnt agree more. i feel it too! theres nothing wrong with changing. i mean, if we are in a new environment we will try to adapt and it makes some changes even in our style. any yes, we are all born unique and trying new style is really fun indeed!
Vania Aprilia said…
Evolving in style always happens, and if it's towards a good way why not? ;) trying a new style or even showing our other sides is always a cool thing to do! Don't mind other people, just be you! (yes you, who always looks really amazing in any look ;) )

Pudding Monster
welovefur said…
Nice lovely look

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