blue is my colour

blue defines me best.
either its swinging mood that indulges me
or the colour that bring me peacefulness

i felt all lonely and cheerfulness faded in the darkness
a feeling that disturbs my sanity
an illness that shakes my faith
and sorrow dominates my soul
this pain smudged my innocence and i wish it to disappear

well, can i not feel like i'm the only person who is tasting this bitterness of life?

two of my similar outfits that are inspired from my current mood

wore: zara purple backless top, valleygirl skirt, prada bag, unbranded cardigan, bali necklace, steve madden flats

 wore: vintage outerwear & man shoes, romwe purple top, cotton on velvet skirt, unbranded bag



Unknown said…
I love how vibrant that blue is. You look lovely!

Stephanie | fashion and tea
Mrs. Aa said…
love the first one

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

stay fab,
Miss Aa
Novarinna Tan said…
Love the first photo.. looks fun

Chic Swank
Zoya said…
great look!:) and very nice skirt:) beautiful color:) maybe follow??:):*)
Meilina Utomo said…
Amazing pictures. All lovely :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said…
Love blue on you sar! You look guhhhreat <3 xx
Delilah D said…
oh my you look absolutely cute, kind of resembles me of my friend, you two have exactly kind of face and hairstyle hehe
Blue is my favorite color, and it's looks stunning on you.

Also, love your writing style. Effortless and emotional and poignant. Refreshing. :D

Ariyani Sukma said…
love the velvet skirt! you look so cute, ajarin bikin foto yang gif gitu dong.. sambil ketemu mhihihi
Nice combination of color!
Would you like to follow each other?
The New 1 said…
how cute you are! love this outfit <3

Check out my blog! If you like it follow me and I will follow you back <3
Nivikka said…
Blue suits you, and I agree, blue is a wonderful color! Your writings is wonderful :)
Putri Valentina said…
lovely color and cute gift :D

Unknown said…
Wow.. I love the second outer dear :)


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