2 is a big number, indeed

damn it! i missed my birthday post and it's september already. how fast does time fly, eh? anyhow, you might not be interested in this, but this excitement should be shared. I AM NOW AN OFFICIAL 20 LADY (on August 25, to be exact) or what i'd prefer you to call - a young adult. i remembered my last day being 19 where i had this complex idea that celebrating a "birthday" is such a waste of time, effort, and energy. i mean, if number is not invented or age is not being counted; i shouldn't be worried about growing up. i thought how cruel it is if the age, the number itself can change a person, a perception of that person, or build a fear of getting older. if people did not or could not count their time, wouldn't they be happier? not knowing that they're old enough to die or too young to have fun. however, despite all of these riddles in my head; i'm back to reality and heading to the real future. i am now 20 and two isn't a small number. it cries for responsibility, maturity, and indeed welcoming me (specifically) to adulthood.

red - the colour of bravery remarks my motivation to step forward and look ahead.



asik banget cie udah 20 tahun, setahun lagi usia nikah tuh sar. hahahaha..

happy birthday anyway :)
Unknown said…
gue aja udah mau 22 *hiks* hahahaha
btw, suka sama outfitnya, lucuu >.<
Galaxy said…
you are very young and you shouldn't worry about your age yet. Actually, I think people shouldn't be worried about numbers at all.
kisses from Poland ♥
keliatan makin cantik <33
love the top btw. hihi

Meilina Utomo said…
mnreLoving these lovely pictures :)

Karina Dinda R. said…
You look pretty!! I love your top :)

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Karina Dinda R. ♥
Livia Pangdoko said…
happy belated birthday!!!
you looks super cute <33 love your top so much!

you look prettier!
and you look so young ♥


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