Tuesday, September 24, 2013

blue is my colour

5:00 PM 16
blue defines me best.
either its swinging mood that indulges me
or the colour that bring me peacefulness

i felt all lonely and cheerfulness faded in the darkness
a feeling that disturbs my sanity
an illness that shakes my faith
and sorrow dominates my soul
this pain smudged my innocence and i wish it to disappear

well, can i not feel like i'm the only person who is tasting this bitterness of life?

two of my similar outfits that are inspired from my current mood

wore: zara purple backless top, valleygirl skirt, prada bag, unbranded cardigan, bali necklace, steve madden flats

 wore: vintage outerwear & man shoes, romwe purple top, cotton on velvet skirt, unbranded bag


Friday, September 20, 2013

change x adapt

11:42 AM 19
some people are noticing a lot of changes in my style lately; and the same question that crossed their minds was "WHY did you change?"
um, i do not have an answer to that question but,
dear, i did not change
there're just a lot of different sides within me and i showed a distinct part to a certain person in a particular situation.

other than style, my behaviour is also flexible depending on the person whom i face with. i might be able to fake a laugh to a joke that i didn't find funny or pretend to understand a topic which i haven't even heard, BUT, that's not because i want to stay on the safe zone (or whatever you want to call it). it's just that what builds me; me. it's very natural for me to do so.

well, let's be honest and face the fact that the world sees something different oddly. people judge, we do judge, and first impression gives a huge impact. i always think that modifying oneself to fit in happens all the time whenever he/she is placed to a new environment. but hey - "different is good! we are born unique, so embrace it". that's true! i gave it a thought thoroughly and yes, God mould us to be different so every mankind can complete each other. 

so, let me be clear, modifying to fit in has the meaning of ADAPT - and that doesn't include changing a whole self to be someone else; but to show several traits that is ... acceptable to the society. adapt is a basic instinct of every human needs to improve and that characteristic is born with us. it's your choice to give it a chance to grow or let it gone. 

so, again my friend, i did not change. it's just me; adapting - and i can be anything just the way i like it. i didn't change to please people, it's just what i think suits me best.

wore: liora bags red-orange bag, unbranded top, melbourne handmade necklace, diy bracelet, retail therapy clogs


Monday, September 16, 2013

ootd special edition

11:44 AM 15
i guess i know now who inherited this narcissistic trait of mine; it's none other than from my mom.

ah, she loved to pose - that's what i thought when i saw her younger pics. nonetheless, she always kept the same cold but poised expression in every pictures. but wait, her face is everywhere! is she that famous?

no, she's neither a renowned actress or that it-girl, but i realised (just now) that she's just as narcissist as i am. HA! and i thought it was just her being young - you know, a teenage gal with her hormones, but apparently no! she is still now love being photograph AND everything needs to look perfect. hahaha, mom oh mom.

wore: greedy sassy yoda ring, zara orange pants, tory burch leopard bag, romwe purple top


Monday, September 2, 2013

2 is a big number, indeed

7:58 AM 9
damn it! i missed my birthday post and it's september already. how fast does time fly, eh? anyhow, you might not be interested in this, but this excitement should be shared. I AM NOW AN OFFICIAL 20 LADY (on August 25, to be exact) or what i'd prefer you to call - a young adult. i remembered my last day being 19 where i had this complex idea that celebrating a "birthday" is such a waste of time, effort, and energy. i mean, if number is not invented or age is not being counted; i shouldn't be worried about growing up. i thought how cruel it is if the age, the number itself can change a person, a perception of that person, or build a fear of getting older. if people did not or could not count their time, wouldn't they be happier? not knowing that they're old enough to die or too young to have fun. however, despite all of these riddles in my head; i'm back to reality and heading to the real future. i am now 20 and two isn't a small number. it cries for responsibility, maturity, and indeed welcoming me (specifically) to adulthood.

red - the colour of bravery remarks my motivation to step forward and look ahead.