stay ethnic

it wasn't another typical outfit. 

as i finally have returned to Indonesia (and it feels damn good to be back) i managed to put the essence of Indo's culture with a twist of modern art in my outfit. this time though, i'm putting more effort in preserving Indonesia's various ethnicity. with tenun on my bag, bali accessories and batik-look-a-like outer; i felt like a new-born woman (of course with a bit of exaggeration). but yeah, you haven't seen me in this kind of outfit for a while, yes?

honestly speaking, i missed the sunbeam, sea of sweat, and crazy traffic of Jakarta. it sounds ridiculous i admit, but those are Jakarta's trademarks and you'll certainly feel the same way if you were in my position. one of the reasons i missed my hometown is because i can adjust back my lifestyle. i need to start living a healthy life for sure. i gained x kilos (censor is needed) and laziness haunts my days. it sucks. i hated exercising as the weather didn't support my intention at all. it sometimes got too cold that stuck my body & soul in the bed or too hot that i insist to not getting sweaty. while in here, i have my mom who acts as my assistant slash personal trainer slash driver slash the act of a mother who always tell her kid to eat vegetables (and you knw how talkative she can be). i started joining muay thai & running thing for a couple times. it did not last, but i'm trying my best to get back to the phase. wish me luck? OR MAYBE, join me?



Mrs. Aa said…
nice outer <3

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

stay fab,
Miss Aa
Unknown said…
super ethnic !! love the outfits saaar :*
gorgeous! love the red shoes and the outerwear <3

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