Friday, August 30, 2013

stay ethnic

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it wasn't another typical outfit. 

as i finally have returned to Indonesia (and it feels damn good to be back) i managed to put the essence of Indo's culture with a twist of modern art in my outfit. this time though, i'm putting more effort in preserving Indonesia's various ethnicity. with tenun on my bag, bali accessories and batik-look-a-like outer; i felt like a new-born woman (of course with a bit of exaggeration). but yeah, you haven't seen me in this kind of outfit for a while, yes?

honestly speaking, i missed the sunbeam, sea of sweat, and crazy traffic of Jakarta. it sounds ridiculous i admit, but those are Jakarta's trademarks and you'll certainly feel the same way if you were in my position. one of the reasons i missed my hometown is because i can adjust back my lifestyle. i need to start living a healthy life for sure. i gained x kilos (censor is needed) and laziness haunts my days. it sucks. i hated exercising as the weather didn't support my intention at all. it sometimes got too cold that stuck my body & soul in the bed or too hot that i insist to not getting sweaty. while in here, i have my mom who acts as my assistant slash personal trainer slash driver slash the act of a mother who always tell her kid to eat vegetables (and you knw how talkative she can be). i started joining muay thai & running thing for a couple times. it did not last, but i'm trying my best to get back to the phase. wish me luck? OR MAYBE, join me?


Monday, August 26, 2013

scarecrow and bones

10:25 AM 8
what inspires my outfit the most?
my late night dream that builds my morning's mood (unless it's a prepared outfit)

lately, i had such scary & killer dreams that ruin my day's mood. i don't know what is going on with me but i hope every bit of this scary nightmare will come to an end. I NEED A LIFEEEEEE HAHAHA

recalling my old photos from Melbourne, here are the halloween-themed (sort of) that i'd love to show off.

my killer stareeeeeee 0.0

wore: vintage jacket, cotton on sweater & boyfriend jeans, dr marten shoes

wore: jayjays sweater, zara skirt, bali bag, sportsgirl tights, windsor smith shoes, romwe shirt (worn inside)

scared enough?


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

awan dan aku

11:38 PM 6
WOOOOHHAAAAAII! I'M BACK TO INDO PEEPS! feel so happy to be back :) i'm so tired feeling homesick not being around the traffic, street food, and hot weather HA!

my flight back to Indo was pretty interesting too. apparently, Gamal from GAC had the same flight as mine and i befriended (read: SokKenalSokDeket) him as the transit time was quite long. he was really friendly & humble although he's a rising star; truly admirable. anyhow, cut the crap with Gamal; the fun started (what at least i thought it was) when i was in the plane from KL to Jakarta. i had the three seats for one & with a great sky view i managed to write myself a poem (i am a loner, forgive me) and here it is...

(ps. it is in bahasa -and no translation is provided yet; sorry!)


awan kalbu, melewati malam kenangku yang menguntai cerita cinta
bergilir, ia mengambang dengan penuh tanya
berputar dengan angin sepoi yang gundah

kala, awan itu tertawa malu
dan menyembunyikan dirinya dibalik matahari senja
berbisik manis ia menyapa dunia
dengan curian kilau matahai yang perlahan menerangi jiwaku

kadang, ia marah dan nuansa gelap menaungi langit sambil merintih pilu
rintik demi rintik, air dari surga pun turun membasahi alamku

layaknya sang awan yang kerap meneriakkan perasaannya yang bimbang
hatiku turut mengandung firasat yang berkecamuk
bahagia, pedih, mewarnai hariku yang sepi
melambungkan pertanyaan yang kian merasuki jiwaku;
"dimanakah aku? kemanakah aku akan pergi?"

potongan memori yang kian tumbuh membuatku terayun,

bagaikan awan bingung tertiup angin
adakah sang awan mempunyai pijakan? dimana ia bisa beristirahat dan tinggal diam menatap bumi?

bagaikan hati resah terlalut dalam pahitnya realita,
akankah aku menemukan tempat teduh? dimana hatiku dapat berlabuh?

awan dan aku,
apakah akhir dari kisah kita?

(i even drew the cover in the plane! lol)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i can't believe myself writing that. really? me? HA! i still cant remember what got into my head when i made this. but at least i tried, eh?
anyhow, before posting any #ootd from Indo, lemme show you my neon outfit from da' freakin' cold winter in Melbie :)

wore: vintage green sweater & long shirt inside, bought from india necklace, sportsgirl polkadot socks & bag, jellybeans green jelly sandal, valleygirl colourful beanie



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