green soul

a sweet sounded murmur passed through my ear,
"hey there, how are you?"
in instance, i was drown into his word
his deep, firm voice attracted every bits of cell in my body
his face was unseen, neither his shadow
but his presence, i could recognised

"hi again, you" i shyly answered
i could feel his breath swept my hair back, 
slowly he touched my shoulder, 
and he seemed to express his lone existence
"may i be your company?"
i smiled, nodded, and walked down the quiet aisle

"tell me, how will it end?"
"it never started at the first place"
"no, it has. now tell me, what kind of ending are you proposing?"
i believed there was a tickling smile that reminded me how imaginative this could be
my skin was stoned cold
and my lips mumbled things i've secretly hid
two, three, or maybe four people walked by,
and stared at me strangely as i talked to myself

i began crying,
my tears burst like the ocean flows its waves
 the fragrance that captivated my rough soul suddenly disappeared
the soft tone of his whistling has vanished
"i'm sorry that i need to let you go"
the warm wind blew remarked his approval
"thank you for being here, you. thank you for being mine. thank you and goodbye"
yes, it was the end

aaand, a lil bit of #ootd in the post, aye?

wore: vintage neon-green sweater & bw blazer, romwe painted skirt, windsor smith brogue, kmart blue shirt

- now available on instagram @sartob8 for recent updates ;)


Mrs. Aa said…
great look <3

Miss Aa
Ruby said…
i love your romwe skirt! great combination <3

check my new post here,
Ruby said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
aahh! nice words! can't stop reading it :D hahaha .. is that about imaginative friend?
swag look!
naomihtris said…
nice look...
Claudina said…
Nice blog! Would you like follow each other?
Unknown said…
Love your outfit!! Gorgeous!
mind to follow each other? I'll follow you

visit my blog on

thanks xoxo
OmyGod, you look incredibly vintage and cute!
Ana said…
cool outfit!

if you want to win a DANIEL WELLINGTON clock, go to
dinda belle said…
Oo dont be sad :)) you look very nice in lime :3
dinda belle said…
Oo dont be sad :)) you look very nice in lime :3
Unknown said…
hey thereee haha
love this post and kind of envy seeing you can wear outfits in layers haha <3 kalo di indo bisa kebasahan keringet..
btw, iyaaa salam kenaall yaa..gue dipanggil Sari..(nama ig gue nama lengkap haha)..and how about you ? what should i call you ? >.<
stylefrontier said…
awesome sweater and skirt!
style frontier
Rosalinda Tjioe said…
So cuteeee sarr <3 Love the sweater and skirt! xx
Unknown said…
The right word is STUNNING.

You know to be so elegant and stylish.

Would you like follow each other? I'll be sooo glad =) Let me know
shine star said…
Amazing post ;)
Claudina said…
Love your skirt!
Would you like follow each other?

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