a dark unending misery

a voice sleeps unto my head, reminds me a past i could not forget
something that i've been wanting to erase, but never can
something that may change my future
and build a new crossroad on my path

 i want to cry for something that not yet happen

a prediction that makes me go wild
a hunch that shakes my belief
a flaw that i'm afraid to ruin the self in me

 (featuring. my movie/fashion partner: Dyota Maitri)

i can't stand putting a fake smile to the people i care
where in fact, i'm holding such a painful secret that i myself want to bury
too many, just way too many mistakes i did
and nothing remarks my consciousness

i've gone crazy even just to act like normal human
i've gone far way, where it is unbelievably dark
and i want to trust what one said
that there is a way out

ps. dont take the words too literally, it may comes out as a truth or just a confused confession (which adds the fiction parts) ;)

wore: valleygirl sweater, zara tights, happysocks socks, wittner strappy heels, cotton on knit on hand, vintage denim overall, forever new neon orange belt


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Mrs. Aa said…
nice look <3

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

Miss Aa
dinda belle said…
I love your writing, anyway :)
Dreamy Princess said…
Nice look and what a beautiful writing (:

Thank you for your wishes on my blog!

Dreamy Princess

Anisacrament said…
toob, update dong foto2 yang di instagram! caem2 loohh... but love this dungaree skirt to bits! iya disini sunny banget hehe Aussie pasti lagi membeku nih..

Benefit said…
love your glasses and shoes. you took picture at the good place :-)

Unknown said…
Looking too cute in that dungarees!! Tempatnya cantik deh buat foto foto. You should take more pictures :D
Karina Dinda R. said…
Nice outfit dear! Love your shoes :)

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